Sandals for a one-year-old child

The holiday season is an extremely comfortable time for toddlers learning to take their first steps. When the weather is good, you can spend a lot of time outdoors and explore the space. When choosing the first shoes for a child, we follow many rules and check every detail so that the little foot is satisfied.

Making shoes

In summer you have to take into account the fact that, since we often wear sandals, we rarely use socks. The delicate skin of the child then intensifies everything it comes into direct contact with. So what sandals for a one-year-old child should you choose so that it can easily and stably cover the first distances outdoors, without blisters and abrasions?

Let's pay attention to the quality of the material from which the shoes are made. Natural leather works best. The thinner and softer the better. If the straps are stiff, thick and inflexible, they will quickly start to hurt and irritate the baby's leg. Let's also take a look at any metal buckles. If they are not covered in any way, direct contact with the skin can trap it (e.g. when fastening shoes). Also, be careful about ornaments, sequins, bows or other additional elements attached to the shoes. It is important that they are in the right place on the footwear, without disturbing the foot.

Position of the foot

Summer shoes for a one-year-old child must be as breathable as possible, but at the same time stable. If, in addition to sandals, we buy sports shoes, pay attention to the presence of holes and mesh that perform a ventilation function. It is also important that the back piece adjacent to the heel prevents deformation of the gait. Adequate space for the fingers, in turn, will prevent them from being squeezed and limiting the freedom of movement while balancing in the game.

Let's also take a look at the sole, whether it is soft enough and bends 1/3 of its length. If it is crude, thick and not susceptible to footwork, it will definitely limit the comfort of a walking child. Remember the weight of shoes - the lighter the sandals for learning to walk, the better.

Summer shoes for an older child

What sandals for a two-year-old should a parent choose? Although learning to walk is the basis and when choosing the first shoes for a child, we pay attention to many details, for slightly larger children we also buy solid and healthy footwear. A toddler's foot is shaped during the first seven years of his life, and this is strategically the most important time to prevent various defects and problems.

When buying sandals for a two-year-old, let's take into account the shape of his feet. The height of the instep and the width of the foot are crucial. It may turn out that a narrow and filigree foot in a sandal that is too wide will have too much space on the sides, and in terms of length, the shoes will turn out to be a size too small. That is why the cut is crucial. Each brand has different dimensions of the insert. Let's remember this.

Orthopedic footwear

Avoid overly built-up, stiffened (especially orthopedic!) Shoes, unless the doctor has recommended them. It is enough for children's sandals to have a sufficiently stiff (but not too hard) back and a profiled insole. Let's also look at the front straps to see if they hold the fingers properly. Properly selected sandals for a two-year-old prevent the foot from sliding forward or bending sideways.

Remember that stabilization of the gait is primarily the basis for safe movement and reduced risk of injury (e.g. ankle sprain). Children only acquire precision of movements and learn their balance skills, so if the footwear in any way harms these abilities, the toddler may fall to the ground much more often. The same thing happens in the case of an incorrectly selected shoe size. Too tight - they restrict movements and are a source of discomfort. Too big ones, on the other hand, distort the gait, increase shuffling and carelessly taken steps.

Healthy development of toddler's feet

Well-chosen sandals for a one-year-old child are an extremely important link on the way of building a healthy figure and attitude of our child. It is the alloys that are crucial here. All gait deformities have an impact on various disorders and dysfunctions, the existence of which we will learn later, when we face them. By maintaining a bad posture, we affect the spine and knees. It is not only a question of aesthetic feet. By taking care of our gait, we take care of the entire body and it is a long-term investment.

New or used shoes for children - what to choose?

This should be emphasized emphatically. We only buy new footwear with an unused, previously not deformed insole. The shoes, though slightly bent, will contribute to the consolidation of incorrect movement patterns from the very beginning. The child will quickly get used to this position of the feet and will give in to it. Only new sandals for a one-year-old child will be the best solution. At this age, the toddler is just starting the adventure with independent walking. Let us not allow these first moments to have negative consequences. Let's take care of the little ones' feet. Healthy feet mean a healthy body.