Romance from the covers: jeans and shoes!

Who does not know them and who does not wear them? They are the icon of the 20th century: JEANS!

The first models of jeans were created in Europe in the nineteenth century, but this version, which we know now, was created in 1873 by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in San Francisco, which was a small town with a gold rush. Gold seekers needed durable clothes that were cheap and comfortable and therefore easy to produce. The innovative idea of ​​Davis and Strauss was to strengthen the seams and pockets using copper rivets. Interestingly, the first denim pants were not buttoned but they were attached to the waist. The model of the highest quality was given the number 501 and quickly became the clothing of lumberjacks, farmers and, above all, cowboys. However, the "working" history of jeans is just a prelude to their great career.

In the 1950s, jeans were worn by rebellious American teens, and of course it was influenced by the stars of the big screen: Marilyn Monroe (in jeans played in the film "On the Edge" and James Dean (in "Rebel Without a Reason"). That's when denim shirts and other accessories appeared. That's when jeans became a symbol of youth fashion. In the 1970s, jeans became the uniform of rebellious youth. Bells, long hair and denim bags that hippies sewed from old jeans. In the 90s, the popularity of jeans exploded! Jeans could and should be everything: pants, shirt, jacket, shoes, handbag and headband on the hair. Do you still remember that from American TV series? Until the hair is bristling! And next? Next cuts and colors were changing. They came back and went to the bottom of the wardrobe, bells, tubes, rubbed, with holes, with patches, marbles ...

In Poland, jeans appeared in the 1950s. You could only get them in exclusive stores - Peweks or in lumpeks where you could buy clothes "from the demobil". They cost a few monthly salaries then and next to Pepsi-Cola they were the most desired product by the youth. Just like in the US, denim pants were popularized by young stage and cinema stars.

However, denim is not just pants and shirts. Denim has also spread to add-ons. To this day, people dressed in denim total look can be found on the streets. This is a trend from a few seasons ago, but this year denim reigns as an accessory worn on your feet! What about denim shoes?

Denim shoes (or shoes made of denim-like fabrics) could easily give a little nonchalance or give it a casual look. Putting a denim ballerina skirt on the skirt will make us less formal and the denim sneakers for colored pants will work great in all summer and weekend outfits. Here they are, you have something in your eye? :)