Removal of greasy stains from natural leather. Find out about effective ways

Oily stains on shoes are one of the most troublesome stains because they are extremely difficult to remove, especially if they appear on natural leather. It is worth noting that natural leather, in addition to the smooth variety, may also be characterized by the presence of bristles (shorter or longer), which means that this material will require special and different care. Removing greasy stains from natural leather is difficult, but there are several ways that can be effective.

Removing greasy stains from shoes - prophylaxis

When buying new shoes, the most important thing is to obtain the appropriate impregnation for them. Remember to use it just before putting on your new footwear for the first time, and then use it regularly, especially in unfavorable weather. A properly selected impregnation will create an invisible protective layer on the shoes, which will protect the natural leather against the penetration of moisture and the deposition of any dirt, including greasy stains.

However, if, despite proper and careful care, you fail to protect your leather shoes from an unsightly, greasy stain, we have several proven ways to remove it.

1. Water and washing-up liquid

Mix warm water with a few drops of washing up liquid, then dip a cloth in it and gently wipe the shoe. It will be much easier to get rid of the stain if it is freshly cleaned. After finishing the treatment, be sure to wipe the shoe dry.

2. Talc powder or potato flour

This method can be used even in the case of natural leather with long bristles (suede, nubuck). After gently drying the stain with a paper towel, sprinkle the area on the stain and leave the shoes overnight. Then shake off any remaining flour or talcum powder. To increase the effectiveness of this method, you can use a brush with delicate bristles. If the oily stain is still visible, repeat the operation.

3. Water with vinegar

Vinegar is great for greasy stains on leather shoes. Just dampen the cloth in a solution of water and vinegar, and then gently wipe the dirt. The vinegar stain should disappear from the fabric.

4. Products designed to remove stains from leather surfaces

If the above methods have not worked in the fight against a stubborn stain, you can look for special, professional products in the store, intended for cleaning natural leather.

In the assortment of shoe stores, you can easily find all kinds of sprays, pastes, creams, milks, lotions or special liquids. It is important to match the product to the type of skin and its color to avoid discoloration or damage. If you are not sure if the product is suitable, try it on an inconspicuous surface of the shoe before using it for the first time to make sure that it does not damage the material.

After grooming, always leave your shoes to dry completely, preferably at a safe distance from intense heat and direct sunlight.

Caution. Remember that leather shoes cannot be machine washed as large amounts of water can damage the fabric and lead to deformation. So, washing your shoes will not only not help to remove the greasy stain from your shoes, but it is also likely to cause irreversible damage.

Proper and regular care of leather shoes will allow you to minimize or even completely avoid the occurrence of unwanted dirt and greasy stains. What's more, it will also protect your shoes from the harmful effects of external factors, which will significantly extend their life.