Queen Vivi is a renowned producer of women's shoes, whose offer is addressed to women who value good taste and elegance. The presented products belong to the line of the highest quality footwear, prepared in accordance with the current trends and classic solutions. The offer includes Jodhpur boots, boots, moccasins and other Queen Vivi shoes.

Prestige and elegance

Footwear by Queen Vivi is the perfect solution for women who want to express their style. These extremely elegant shoes blend perfectly with different styles, each time raising the prestige and sophistication of the owner. They perfectly match both everyday dresses and jeans as well as initial creations. They are the perfect complement to a sophisticated and rich wardrobe.

The highest quality of workmanship

Queen Vivi shoes are made based on the best, proven shoemaking techniques. The use of high quality plastics additionally makes the presented footwear durable and durable.