Primavera shoes are primarily subtle and very feminine sandals, perfect to wear in the spring and summer season.

Femininity above all

The main advantage of the shoes coming out from under Primavera wings is their classic, feminine elegance, visible at the first glance. These are the shoes that bring out the beauty of women's feet, gently emphasizing the tan and adding the lightness of each styling.

The classic colors make Primavera shoes the base of even the simplest styling, adding its claw and character. You can easily put them in jeans, a light dress and even an evening style.

Comfort and convenience every day

The wide belts made of natural materials make Primavera shoes perfect for long summer walks and will not cause discomfort even on the hottest day.

Primavera shoes are light, feminine and comfortable, so when planning a spring or summer wardrobe, it's definitely worth taking them into account.