Prepare for inclement weather. We choose stylish autumn women's shoes

The autumn weather means that many women say goodbye to comfortable sandals and ballerinas with a pained heart, having to put on slightly heavier shoes. The omnipresent puddles, heavy rains and mud discourage the choice of stylish shoes. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be that way! We advise you which footwear will provide you with the necessary comfort in the fall, while making you still look feminine and chic.

What to look for when choosing women's shoes for fall?

The autumn weather is extremely varied. Pleasant sun rays alternate with heavy rains. When choosing shoes for the fall, you need to pay attention to durability and waterproofness of the footwear, thanks to which you can successfully overcome even the deepest puddles. On the other hand, rain boots on warmer autumn days can cause discomfort, causing your feet to sweat.

Solving this problem is very simple. When planning your departure, be sure to check the weather forecast. This way you will avoid disappointments and not be surprised by any elements.

In the fall, we often get in a worse mood and feel depressed. To improve your well-being, bet on colorful models of shoesthat will distract you from the cloudy sky. In this way, you will gain a fresh and exciting end result, making passersby sincerely smile when they see you.

Also, pay special attention to the material from which the autumn shoes for women are made. Take your pick waterproof models that will keep your fingers dry and prevent colds. Remember that shoes get dirty much faster in the fall. For this reason, they will prove particularly well easy to maintain models that just need to be wiped with a cloth to make them look good again.

Discover our types of women's shoes for fall for everyday wear and for larger events that will allow you to go through this season in great style, guaranteeing comfort.

Women's autumn shoes every day and on holidays

Women's fall shoes can be practical and at the same time look really chic. A large offer of women's footwear for fall means that you can easily choose models that will reflect your original style. We advise which of them are worth having in your wardrobe. 

Fall shoes is the perfect choice for this time of year. They prevent feet from getting wet and are extremely easy to style. Casual models in subdued colors will be perfect for everyday use, and you will be able to wear them both with trousers and dresses in combination with tights. Thanks to its versatility, a pair of such fall boots will suit practically everything in your wardrobe. 

Your wardrobe should also include classic black or brown ones ankle boots. Boots are stylish, comfortable and practical footwear that never goes out of fashion. In combination with a ramones jacket, they perfectly balance girls' stylizations, and on a daily basis they look divine when combined with fashionable jeans. It is hard to find an outfit that they will not fit!

Boots will also work well for larger exits. Take your pick models with little heels and match them with a shirt, skirt and tights. You can successfully wear them in the company of elegant cigarillos. They will also work well for the office moccasins or loafers on the platform. Wear them with a feminine suit and look extremely professional. Women's autumn slippers are also a great solution for work. Thanks to a comfortable heel, they will make you look stylish.

You will also need stylish ones on a daily basis rain boots. Whether you're planning a walk in the woods or a stroll through the old town, you need a sturdy pair of shoes that can withstand both mud and heavy rains. Set them up with a lovely raincoat and socks in a subdued shade. You can successfully style them in combination with a fashionable trench coat. It is also worth stocking up on leather over the knee bootswhich are perfect for colder days. 

Fortunately, autumn is not only a rainstorm. On clear days, opt for light and comfortable models such as sneakers if sports shoes. Models in bolder colors that will enliven even the most monochrome will work especially well look. If you want to optically extend your legs, choose the popular models on a comfortable platform. By pairing them with a neutral outfit, you will express your outfit in no time at all while maintaining a balance. If you prefer subdued solutions, choose black autumn women's shoes.

Avoid these shoe models in the fall!

Basically, in autumn you can wear practically all types of footwear that will provide you with thermal comfort and convenience. Although all holds are allowed in fashion, it is advisable to avoid wearing suede shoes during downpours.

Suede just doesn't like water. Choose waterproof models or footwear made of easy-care materials. In this way, autumn shoes will serve you for many years, and you will always look neat and aesthetic.