Polish your shoes to shine - a step-by-step guide

When you are getting ready for a great exit, you carefully choose the styling and accessories. However, don't forget that even the most beautiful outfit can look sloppy if your leather shoes are left unattended. We suggest how to polish your shoes step by step. See for yourself that this task is easier than it may seem!

Why is it worth polishing shoes?

Polished shoes keep you elegant and tidy whatever the occasion. Even the most carefully selected styling will not look stunning when your shoes are not well-kept. However, larger outputs aren't the only reason why you should polish your shoes. 

Shoe polishing is an indispensable element of their proper care, thanks to which you can easily extend the life of your favorite footwear and be able to enjoy it for many years. A specialized paste creates a protective coating that prevents the ingress of moisture or water. 

In addition to mitigating the effects of unfavorable weather conditions, shoe polish protects against the passage of time. Don't forget that leather is a natural material that can become dry over time. By polishing your shoes, you can be sure that you will manage to keep your favorite shoes in perfect condition.

When should I polish my shoes?

Polishing your dress shoes is a must before any major exit. Thus, you create a harmonious one lookand at the same time you look neat and aesthetic. However, this is not the only opportunity to polish your favorite shoes.

Polish your shoes before the fall / winter period begins. Thanks to this, you will protect them against the harmful effects of external factors. At the same time, it will prevent the formation of unpleasant stains and stains for the eyes.

It is also worth polishing the shoes right after you buy them. In this case, the process may take a bit longer - the new skin absorbs the products harder. However, do not be discouraged, because the shoes will repay you with a great look and will serve you for longer. 

Remember that even if you wear a pair of leather shoes very rarely, you need to take care of them regularly. The longer you wait to polish, the harder it will be to get your footwear to a working condition.

To work!

Now that you know why it's good to polish your shoes and when to polish your shoes, let's get down to business. All you need is:

- leather shoes

- shoe polish

- cotton cloth

- shoe polish brush

- a little patience

When choosing a shoe polish, match the shade to the color of your shoes. If you have a problem with this, choose a colorless product. However, we recommend colored pastes that, thanks to the appropriate pigmentation, are able to restore the shoes to their original color, making them look like new.

Choose products with natural ingredients that will make the material your shoes are made of look simply good in no time at all. Shoe polish containing synthetic ingredients, although priced lower, can do more harm than good to your shoes in the long run. Silicone and other artificial additives can dry the surface of footwear, causing cracks to form. 

Equally important is the selection of the shoe polishing brush. We recommend a natural bristle brush that lifts the leather fibers, thus preparing them for polishing. A bristle brush made of horsehair or boar bristle will be perfect, the thickness of which is so balanced that you do not have to worry about scratches on the skin.

Step 1: Prepare your shoes properly

Make sure the pair of shoes you are going to polish is clean and dry. Take out the laces. Use a soft-bristled brush to get rid of dust and dirt, paying particular attention to the place where the upper and the sole connect. You can use an old toothbrush for this purpose. Otherwise, polishing may not produce the desired results! 

Make sure your shoes are completely dry before proceeding to the next step. Optionally, you can use a special skin nourishing preparation, which will additionally prevent the formation of creases.

Step 2: Apply the paste

If your shoes are already clean, you can start applying the polish. Do it in layers so as not to overload your skin. Apply a small amount and, with circular movements, distribute it vigorously over the shoe. For this purpose, use a cotton cloth that will give you control over the amount of the applied product. If you are not satisfied with the results obtained, repeat this process with another thin layer of shoe polish.

Then wait about half an hour for the polish to absorb into the surface of the shoe and start doing its job. Once this stage is completed, your shoes will become dull. This is the perfect time to polish them.

Step 3: Polish your shoes

Be patient and, by moving the brush back and forth, polish your shoes. Remember that vigorous movements will give you more shine. Don't be afraid of light pressure. In this way, you will literally press the product into the pores of the skin, giving it a flawless shine. However, do not rub too hard. When you are satisfied with the effect, lace up your shoes and you're done! You can go to conquer the world!

Shoe shine is easier than you might think! Before using any shoe product for the first time, remember to make sure that it will not harm you. To do this, try it on the back of the shoe in an inconspicuous place. Good luck!

Shoe shine is easier than you might think! Before using any shoe product for the first time, remember to make sure that it will not harm you. To do this, try it on the back of the shoe in an inconspicuous place. Good luck!