Perfect winter boots for teenagers. We dispel doubts

Teenagers can be very demanding, especially when it comes to choosing shoes. The matter becomes even more difficult when it comes to winter footwear. Find out what to look for when choosing youth winter boots and make sure that even the greatest frost does not stop your child from being active outdoors.

A hard nut to crack

Shopping with teenagers can be full of dilemmas. Proper footwear appearance is not the only worry that needs to be faced. It is equally important that winter boots are functional. 

Teenagers love seasonal activities like no other. Snowballing, making a snowman or sledging are activities that require the right shoes. In addition to appearance as a key feature, it is important that winter boots are waterproof, comfortable and warm. Also, do not forget that they are easy to put on and take off.

If you do not want anything to stop your child from being active outdoors, be sure to provide them with winter boots. Read on and find out that this task is much easier than you might initially think!

Waterproof or waterproof?

Hydrophobic material is an extremely important feature of any winter boot. Wondering what is the difference between waterproof and waterproof? Let us dispel your doubts!

Waterproof boots are perfect for drizzle and relatively light rain and snow. Winters in Poland can be really cold. If you want your child to fully enjoy the winter weather, opt for waterproof footwear. Tight seams and an innovative lining will prevent water from getting inside the shoe, protecting your child from catching a cold.

Lace up or fastened?

School, extra-curricular activities, household chores, meeting friends and joint outdoor activities are time-consuming activities. Slip-on winter boots will be a great choice for busy teenagers. A zipper or Velcro fastener will allow them to put on and take off their shoes in no time without wasting valuable time. 

A perfect solution that combines the aesthetics of lace-up shoes with express putting on are shoes that, despite the laces, contain a zipper.

For children or adults?

Another dilemma you face is whether to choose from children's or adult shoes. The choice depends on the size of your child's foot. Most of the children's shoes are available up to size 36. Women's models are also available from this size, although some may be available even in size 35.

Models of children's winter boots are so diverse that even teenagers will find something that will meet their expectations. An additional advantage of such footwear is the appropriate profiling, which provides proper support for the feet, eliminating possible valgus.

Stylish or comfortable?

Although teenagers may have a slightly different opinion on this, do not, under any circumstances, put style over comfort and functionality. Fortunately, nowadays, the choice of youth winter boots is so wide that you don't have to decide between the two.

Remember that winter boots should be relatively light and durable. It is equally important that their sole is non-slip and stable. This design will prevent possible falls on icy surfaces.

Also pay special attention to the proper breathability of the shoe. Choose shoes made of an innovative membrane or classic leather that will prevent the penetration of moisture and water inside the shoe, while ensuring proper air circulation during physical activity. This has a huge impact on the comfort of using youth winter boots.

Meet our favorites

Your daughter loves fashionable styles? Choose branded boots in the style of boots made of synthetic leather. The natural leather insole will eliminate the problem of feet sweating, and an additional zipper on the inside of the shoe will speed up their putting on and take them off. This footwear looks great in the company of pants and dresses.

How about cute mukuluki? Insulated with breathable fur, snow boots are perfect for frosty days. They fit both jeans, leggings and sweatpants. Every fashionable teenager will surely love them! However, remember that suede shoes require special care. To avoid unsightly salt stains, regularly use preparations intended for this type of footwear.

For a stylish teenager, however, they will be warm and comfortable Timberki boots fastened with Velcro. The fashionable yellow color and the appropriate design will make your son feel great regardless of the weather. Dense fur along the entire length of the upper and a very warm insole will take care of its thermal comfort, and the Velcro fastening will ensure real comfort.   

If your son prefers lace-up shoes, go for it leather ankle boots insulated with fleece. An additional zipper sewn on the side of the shoe will allow you to quickly put on and take off shoes, and the classic cut will perfectly match almost any styling.

We hope we managed to dispel all your doubts. By following our tips, you will surely find the perfect youth winter boots that combine style and functionality.