Nursery slippers

A toddler outside the home should feel as comfortable as possible. Therefore, it is worth providing him with the right shoes for the nursery, so that he can feel freedom of movement while playing.

Remember, however, that this is a key stage in the development of a child's body, so the correct gait and foot health is our priority when looking for the right slippers.

Nursery shoes for boys and girls - which one to choose?

First of all, a healthy gait - it is important to take care of it. So let's pay attention to whether the nursery slippers we like are stable, suitably soft, light and airy, and at the same time keep the heel in the right place, preventing deformation and the toddler's movement. The second important issue is the flexible sole that does not scratch the floors - it would be good if it had a white color.

Let's take a look at the noses and their shape. If the toe of the shoe is too pointed, the child's toes will be deprived of freedom of movement. The toes should therefore be rounded and wide enough. Let's also decide on the simplest possible form of fastening the shoes. Velcro will definitely be the most appropriate option.

Comfortable and airy

Children of this age are most likely to explore the world barefoot, so children's shoes for nurseries should be light and flexible. They do not restrain their little feet then. The material from which they are made must not tarnish the skin. In the summer season, let's put on shoes with holes - this will ensure proper air circulation. In winter, however, we should not choose insulated solutions. The child will play in heated rooms, so it will certainly not get cold.

Let's also check what type of instep and foot dimensions our child has. Not every cut will turn out to be appropriate - it is worth measuring several different models. In the case of narrow feet, shoes that are too wide will lead to the heel tilting and throwing the feet sideways while moving. In turn, too narrow slippers for a child in the case of a wide foot will cause discomfort, abrasions and pain.

It's important to know the size. Thanks to this, we will choose the right pair. Too tight children's shoes will contribute to curling the toes, while too large ones will distort the gait and perpetuate negative displacement patterns.

Type of inner liner

Insole - the best option is leather, breathable, well-contoured. It is important that the back is properly flexible, but close to the heel. We do not buy orthopedic slippers if there are no such recommendations from the orthopedic doctor. Currently, it is strongly recommended not to put on such shoes for a child.

Prevention of healthy feet is primarily flexible but stable shoes that allow the foot to feel as comfortable as when barefoot, but there is no risk of contortions and deformations, because the leg is properly "held".

Uppers. Too high can limit your movements when squatting, standing up or running. A small child is just learning the precision of movement and practicing balance. He often falls and trips. The method of trial and error gains new experiences, therefore all these efforts should not be limited in any way by external factors.

Avoid decorative slippers that are only decorative for photos. The so-called snails, as the name suggests, are not intended for walking, so a child spending several hours a day in such shoes may develop serious problems with proper walking.

Let's not underestimate this, because the nursery age is the time when the toddler learns everything from scratch and the acquired skills are consolidated. Erroneous movement patterns will stay with him for years. We leave baby shoes as a perfect and stylish addition to other garments, but only worn in a pram. For the nursery, let's provide the child with healthy, stable and soft slippers, thanks to which their feet will develop and shape without any side effects.

Care and cleaning

Nursery shoes should be made of a material that can be easily washed in the washing machine without fear of damage. The toddler will spend many hours on classes, so to maintain proper shoe hygiene, it is worth cleaning them from time to time and refreshing them with a mild detergent.

Fashionable and colorful

To encourage the toddler, he happily put on slippers for the nursery, let's choose interesting patterns and vivid colors. Then the footwear will become for the child something as visually attractive as a favorite toy, not a mandatory element of clothing. Boho style slippers or maybe espadrilles? If they meet all the quality and health requirements, let's let your imagination run wild and play with fashion. A happy toddler willing to wear new slippers will be the best reviewer of the purchase made. And that's the point!