Names and types of women's shoes. Check if you know them all

Knowledge of the types of women's shoes available in shoe stores makes it much easier to find the model you need and reduces the time spent on searching. How to find yourself in the maze of all names and terms? Especially for you, we have prepared a complete list of footwear types. Check if you know them all.

Types of women's shoes - basic division

The most common classification is the division according to the season during which we wear a given type of footwear. Therefore, it is not surprising to define the type of summer shoes or winter shoes. In addition, the division taking into account the purpose of a given model is also popular. Here we have, for example, sports shoes, rubber boots, dance shoes and much more.
It is worth noting, however, that this division is very incomplete, because in each of the above-mentioned categories you will find many types of shoes, which are additionally divided depending on the type of heel or the length of the upper.

To help you navigate through the various categories in shoe stores, we have prepared a list of the most popular types of women's shoes along with their names. However, that's not all, because we will start our division by explaining the industry vocabulary, which helps not only in conversations with the seller, but above all in determining expectations for the dream model.

Construction of footwear. What elements does the shoe consist of?

Shank - the upper part of the shoe, covering the upper part of the foot, calves and even the shins. It is the length of the upper that determines the purpose and type of footwear.

Sole - the outer part of the footwear in direct contact with the ground. Depending on the intended use of a given type of shoe, it is made of various materials, e.g. polyurethane, caoutchouc, rubber.

Heel - an element connected to the sole, which is placed at the back of the shoe. We can distinguish several types of heels that determine their shape. The most common heels are: a stiletto, a post, a duckling, a wedge.

Padding, shoe insole - internal component that comes into contact with the foot. It is worth choosing models with a lining made of natural, breathable materials, which additionally limit the appearance unpleasant smell from shoes.

Tap - element that protects the heel from abrasion. It protects the heel of the shoe against damage and is a replaceable element.

Types of women's shoes

One of the commonly known types of women's shoes are shoes, distinguished by a low upper that covers only the foot. However, it should be emphasized that this category includes several types of footwear.

Oxford - elegant, lace-up shoes, usually made of natural leather. This model was taken from men's fashion, but it quickly gained recognition of women who willingly include it in their stylizations.

Moccasins - flat footwear in which both the sole and the upper are made of soft materials. The prototype for moccasins was shoes worn by Indian tribes. Currently, this type of shoes is worn by both women and men and is an element that combines a loose, casual style with casual elegance.

Creepers - shoes which are a combination of sneakers with oxford shoes. Characteristic for this type of shoes is a massive sole in the form of a platform, which perfectly cushions the foot, while protecting against discomfort and pain caused by long walks.

Women's boots

The upper in boots most often reaches the ankle or the middle of the calf. In this group of shoes you will find several different models: insulated or without insulation, with a flat sole, heels or wedges, slip-ons or lace-ups.

Chelsea boots - a type of flat-heeled shoes, stylized as horse riding shoes, in which the upper covers the ankles, and rubber inserts make it easier to put on. Chelsea boots are a real hit of the spring / autumn seasons, with which you can conjure up effective and slightly aggressive stylizations.

Boots - a type of heavy, lace-up shoes, reaching above the ankle. Associated with metal or punk subcultures, they are characterized by a reinforced sole, which is why they will work well in sharp, rock outfits.

Rain boots - made of waterproof materials to protect against moisture and rain. You can choose from models with a shorter or longer uppers, and the multitude of designs and colors has long moved wellington boots from the segment of utility shoes to footwear, which you can successfully replace boots or boots.

Timberki - footwear resembling popular hiking boots, albeit in a slightly softer, feminine style. Most often laced, with a flat sole or a low post, made of natural or ecological leather. Great for colder seasons, some models are additionally equipped with warming elements and fur surrounding the upper part of the upper.

Women's pumps

A type of women's shoes with a cut-out upper, without fastening or lacing. In this category you will find, among others classic pumps on a post, with a built-in nose, but not only. Like other types of shoes, pumps have several subcategories.

Probably the most popular of them are heels. This name describes a very large group of shoes, among which you will find styles with open toes, lacing around the ankle, or delicate sandals, but in general, high heels are synonymous with an elegant, feminine model with a low, cut-out uppers and a few centimeters thin heel.

We also include pumps in the category of pumps ballerina, i.e. shoes on a flat and thin sole, stylized as typical dance shoes.

Types of women's boots

Boots are shoes with uppers that reach the knee or even cover the lower leg. Associated with typical winter footwear, although models made of suede and without calving, they will work well as shoes for dresses or shorts. We can distinguish among the boots riding boots, that is, models whose style is taken from horse riding shoes. Classic boots are usually tied up, and their upper reaches below the knee.

In addition to jackets, you will find, among others, in the women's boots category Musketeers, i.e. long models, covering the knee, with ties or a welt, and cowboyand - distinguished by a narrowed nose, and often also by numerous ornaments.

Women's sports shoes

Ladies who prefer a loose, sporty style will certainly be tempted by shoes that will suit their tastes and everyday activity. The most popular types of sports shoes are trainers, i.e. light, usually fabric shoes with a flat, rubber sole. Other types of sports shoes include sneakerswhich differ from sneakers with a reinforced rubber toe and a thicker sole, and sneakers characterized by a flat and thick sole.

Types of women's summer shoes

They are invariably a typical summer shoe sandals. In this category you will find traditional sandals with a flat sole, but equally popular, especially for summer special events, are sandals on a post or a high heel. For several seasons, they have become a fairly popular model of shoes Roman women, i.e. sandals with a characteristic thong binding that can reach up to the knee.

In summer, in addition to sandals, flip-flops or flip-flops will also work well espadrilles with a braided sole.

As you can see, the name and type of shoes can vary significantly depending on the height of the upper and other parameters that determine their purpose. We are convinced that our article will improve your shopping and help you choose your dream shoe model.