Moccasins - a male element in women's fashion

One of the favorite shoes of the fair sex are ballerina. With a flat sole and made of soft materials, they are synonymous with comfort. Their additional advantage is the fact that they are very feminine and sensual, and at the same time extremely universal. Ballerinas perfectly harmonize with both dresses and skirts, as well as trousers. They can be a determinant of casual fashion, as well as fit into official stylizations. And although most of us cannot imagine that they could be missing from our wardrobe, they are known and liked ballerinas there is a lot of competition.

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Competitors for timeless ballerinas

They have as many advantages as ballerinas, and at the same time bring a note of avant-garde to each composition. Regardless of the fact that initially they were part of men's fashion, today they successfully find a place in women's wardrobes. Moccasinsbecause we are talking about them, from the beginning of this year's spring-summer season, they do not leave the catwalks. Both celebrities and celebrities, as well as street fashion lovers reach for them. Designers, in turn, to meet women's expectations, offer a wide range of colors, thanks to which we can choose moccasins to meet our expectations.

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Convenience not only on a daily basis

Moccasins are elegant shoes in which we can go shopping, walk with a child, meet friends and even go to work. They perfectly harmonize with strict office costumes consisting of a jacket and creased trousers. They blend in well with pencil skirts complemented by fitted blouses and jackets. Every day, you can combine them with jeans and chinos - both reaching to the ground and 3/4 length models. On warm days, moccasins are the perfect pair for summer outfits - flared princess dresses, simple sports dresses made of natural fabrics, or the hottest trends of the current season of shirt styles. Ladies who value comfort above all else, may try to combine moccasins with shorts.