The Vans brand is the most popular shoe among sports footwear. They are intended mainly for light recreation and as an element of urban style.

Vans sneakers

Vans brand sneakers are characterized by a thick rubber sole covered with a thin layer of rubber on the underside. Thanks to this, they have the perfect grip, guaranteeing non-slip properties, even on very unstable ground. The high quality textile upper is breathable and makes the shoes really comfortable to wear on a daily basis.

Stylizations with Vans shoes

Vans sneakers have a very distinctive cut and are ideal for loose, youth stylizations. They are perfect for sweat clothing, but also for stylizations consisting of jeans and a knitted jacket.

Vans shoes are eagerly worn by young boys, but also grown men, because of their interesting cut, which can be freely adapted to the styling, but also because of the extraordinary comfort. Also when it comes to the strength of the material, they are unmatched.