Riko is a valued brand of men's footwear that is appreciated for its comfort and convenience of use. Shoes in a modern style can complement any styling - both elegant and sporty.

Chic and class with a modern twist

Riko is a company with traditions that attaches great importance to the quality of its footwear. The shoes are made of natural leather, and at the same time you can buy them at an affordable price. Also, the inner insole is made of natural leather, which thanks to its softness guarantees comfortable wearing and adapts to the shape of the foot. The shoes are offered in classic, subdued colors, thanks to which they are perfect for any styling, and they always look great.

Riko - a brand every day

Riko is a brand of footwear perfect for any occasion. The presented offer includes sports shoes and typical formal shoes. Thanks to this, every man can find something for himself. Riko is a guarantee of solid footwear and comfort of use.