Men's slippers Befado - SPA for your feet

Slippers are an underestimated part of men's clothing - completely wrong.
After a whole day, men's feet, even in leather, air-permeable shoes or barefoot, call for rest and help. The feet support the whole body and must withstand the weight and pressure of the whole body every day, especially when walking and exercising. That is why it is worth taking care of them after hours and providing them with proper footwear homemade.

Men's slippers Befado - carry on health

The slippers of this brand distinguish from others a specialized approach and attachment to many details, irrelevant to others. Men's slippers Befado they have wide and high tips, allowing you to freely move your finger in the shoe.
The sole of the shoe bends, according to orthopedic recommendations, from 1/3 to 2/3, increasing the comfort of use. The leather antimycotic and anti-bacterial insole eliminates the unpleasant odor, allowing the foot to breathe freely. It does not contain skin-sensitive chromium, and the bottoms of shoes - harmful phthalate.

Focus on quality and design

design Befado men's slippers it is universal - the models will certainly appeal to every man seeking safe models and comfort. Slippers are subdued, they do not have decorations, so they fit into both sweatpants and pajamas or shorts. In addition to sliding models, Befado also offers more built-in, slippers, ideal for colder days. Men's slippers Befado we recommend not only for aesthetic reasons. The awards speak for themselves. The brand has won many important prizes on the market, including the emblem of Teraz Polska, Superprodukt 2015, Złoty Laur Klienta or the Healthy Foot sign.
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