Long dress for every occasion. We advise what shoes to choose

Women love long dresses. They are happy to wear them both on a daily basis and for larger events. Airy, long dress is a great solution for warm days. It provides incomparable airflow while making you look and feel truly feminine. A long dress is also a great choice for special occasions. You will certainly look stunning in it. We advise which shoes fit a long dress.

What do we love long dresses for?

A long dress certainly deserves a place in every woman's wardrobe. Perfect for everyday use as well as for larger events. All thanks to its extraordinary universality. You can wear it for a walk, an exquisite dinner, a friend's wedding or even a beach. Choose the right accessories and go! 

Additionally, maxi dresses made of natural materials will work even on the hottest days. They are loose and airy, and will also provide you with the necessary protection from the sun. Best of all, long dresses look great on any figure. They will help you mask a protruding tummy or emphasize the wasp's waist.

The only problem with these dresses is the right choice of shoes. We suggest which shoes fit a long, airy dress every day, and which will be suitable for larger events.

What shoes go well with a long, airy dress every day?

If your everyday lifestyle is a matter of comfort and you want a casual, informal look, you have an almost endless choice of footwear.

They will be stylish on hot days sandalsthat will perfectly complement your summer styling. Choose brown leather models and pair them with a long boho dress. Don't forget the color-matched hat, loose waves and sunglasses! You can replace sandals too flaps. This look it's a bull's eye if you're going to the beach.

Do you prefer a casual style and want your styling to pass the exam even in bad weather? Bet on leather sports shoes with golden ornamentwhich set with a sporty long dress and ankle bracelet. This way you will show that you are definitely familiar with the latest trends! Functional as well espadrilles made of ecological leather.

Do you like high boots, but you care about comfort? Bet on an alternative to less comfortable high heels - wedge sandals. This way, you will add a little height and subtly enrich your outfit while maintaining the functionality you want. Choose a model with wedge braids and fashionable decorations in a color that will emphasize your tan.

What shoes should I choose for a long dress for larger events?

The combination of a long dress and wedges is a perfect duo also for occasions that require more formal attire, e.g. weddings. Have fun with colors! In combination with a dress in neutral shades, they will look phenomenal high, mustard wedge shoes. In these shoes you will surely dance the night away! 

The gown to the ground definitely goes hand in hand with the heels! This stylish combination will be perfect for evening outings and formal events. High boots not only optically lengthen your legs, but also create a phenomenal effect in style glamor. We especially recommend it black stilettos with an open heel and fashionable ties. They are also great choices high-heeled suede sandals or cute pins with a pompom.

What shoes to wear for work in combination with a maxi dress?

A long dress is the perfect outfit for the office. If you want to look professional, choose classic pumps with low heels in beige color.

Do you prefer shoes with a flat sole? They will work especially well in the office leather loafers with fringes, suede loafers with an effective buckle or lacquered ballerinas.

What shoes to wear with a long dress in cold weather?

Long dresses aren't just reserved for hot days. You can successfully wear them in the colder months, making full use of their unlimited potential. Are you wondering what shoes to wear with a long, airy dress in the fall? Get to know our suggestions! 

Combine a girly floral floral dress with sheer tights in your skin tone and beige suede ankle boots. Match accessories like a belt or a hat. Don't forget about a katana or a ramones jacket that will help you create a coherent one look for autumn days. 

Do you want to add a touch of delicate styling? Combine the flowing dress to the ground with heavy shoes, e.g. leather boots with an original drawing. This is one of the solutions that will be perfect for people who value rock accents in styling.

You can choose the color ...

You see for yourself, choosing shoes for a long dress is child's play no matter what the occasion. Choose shoes according to the circumstances and create a fashionable one in the blink of an eye lookthat will reflect your personality. It's easy with our advice!

Although we love playing with colors in fashion, remember not to overdo it. For long, patterned dresses in intense colors, we recommend choosing sober shoes in a subtle color. This way you will surely get a phenomenal end result.