Long coat, trench coat, trench coat. We choose the perfect shoes

Long coats have been in vogue for several seasons and there is no indication that it would change. Both stylish women and trend-conscious men love them. Light trench coats are perfect for spring days, trench coats work in gloomy autumn, and long, down coats warm the frozen body in cold winter. Are you wondering what shoes will suit them? We advise!

Warm, warmer, warmest!

Long coats include must-have in the wardrobe of any stylish person. They allow you to keep warm on cold days and - compared to other outer garments - they do it in an extremely aesthetic way. They work well not only in winter, but also in spring and autumn.

Oversize'These woolen coats with loose cuts, fitted trench coats with a belt at the waist, down coats to the ground ... The choice is practically endless! So it's no wonder that long coats are so popular.

 You can wear them both with trousers and dresses. They look phenomenal in combination with jeans, leggings or chinos. They even work well with sweatpants. Such great versatility means that many people have a problem with styling them properly, especially when it comes to choosing shoes. We suggest which models will look divine with long coats.

Two basic rules that should be followed when choosing shoes for a long coat

When choosing shoes for a trench coat, raincoat or down, long coat, it is worth following two basic rules. We are convinced that knowing them will help you compose a dazzling styling. 

First, pay attention to the color. Some colors are made for each other, others are quite the opposite. Correctly combining colors can make yours outfit it will look phenomenal.

This does not mean that you have to stick to one color. However, if you prefer safe solutions, choose monochrome look. An outfit preserved in different shades of one color will make you look stylish no matter the occasion.

However, do not be afraid to experiment and choose combinations that will emphasize your strengths, e.g. skin tone or hair color. To avoid an overwhelming effect, stick to a maximum of three colors.

The second rule applies circumstances. It is clear that for formal meetings, you should not combine an elegant trench coat with sports sneakers. Nevertheless, this combination is really fashionable and will be perfect for everyday use.

A modern combination for everyday life: Long coat and sneakers

90s-style sneakers returned to the world of fashion with a bang. In everyday stylizations, they can be combined with both tracksuits and more elegant ones outfitami. Fashionable women wear them with airy maxi dresses, and stylish men wear them with chinos and cotton jackets. So why not juxtapose them with a chic coat? 

A trench coat and sneakers are a perfect combination for walking around the city, meeting friends or family trips. Combine them with your favorite jeans, a warm sweater and a large matching scarf for extra warmth. 

Sneakers in the company of a long coat will undoubtedly go well with sweatpants. At the top, put on a hoodie that will show off the back of the trench. See how easy it is?

Classic white models will go well with a beige raincoat, powdery pink will create a great contrast to the black coat, and black They will look phenomenal with a trench coat in muted colors such as khaki.

Classic combination: Long coat and elegant shoes

If you prefer classic solutions, combine a trench coat with elegant shoes. This combination is second to none and will be perfect for larger events in bad weather. 

Many people believe that long coats are reserved for tall people. Contrary to appearances, they do not have to optically shorten the figure. To prevent this from happening, choose shoes that will lengthen your legs as if by magic. For ladies, the choice is much simpler than for men. Suede, beige heels, black thigh boots on the post, and Platform loafers they will definitely give you height.

Shorter men can successfully use shoes with a hidden platform. Classic, formal men's shoes with an additional heel are able to make you look 6.5 cm taller.

Both women and men can wear boots and combat boots with trench coats. Choose leather, good quality models that will serve you for many years. Also, do not forget about proper shoe care. Even the most elegant styling in combination with neglected shoes will lose its charm completely, creating a messy end result.

Choosing shoes for a long coat is really simple. We are convinced that thanks to our advice it will not be a problem for you either. Regardless of whether you choose modern solutions and combine a trench coat with sports sneakers, or choose a classic, pairing it with elegant footwear, your styling will catch the eye of street passers-by and confirm that you know fashion.