Long boots for various occasions. Proven styling ideas

Long boots are the epitome of femininity and sensuality. Although they do not reveal too much, in combination with a short, leather skirt, they can add sex appeal and coquetry. They look phenomenal in the company of long, airy maxi dresses. You can successfully wear them with tight jeans or leggings. Discover our proven ideas for styling with over-the-knee boots in the lead role.

Starring: Over-the-knee boots

Long boots look amazing. They have been in fashion for several good seasons for a reason, and this trend is not likely to change. Over-the-knee boots are classic footwear that - thanks to their versatility and chic - fits practically with everything. You can successfully wear them to work, for a walk around the city, for a coffee meeting with friends, and even for a date. It all depends on what style you choose to match them.

To help you create a fashionable end result without much effort, we have put together this guide on high boots. Meet the most interesting outfits with knee-high boots in the lead role and create fantastic styles that you will love in the upcoming fall and winter season. To work!

Dress, skirt or maybe pants?

Are you wondering what to wear over the knee boots for? These shoes make up some amazingly harmonious duos. 

First, you can wear them for dresses or skirts. Short, long, knee-length… The choice is practically endless. A short skirt in combination with long boots looks amazing. The shoes, although they do not reveal too much, will give you sex appeal and coquetry. If you want to look even more feminine, opt for a fitted blouse with a larger neckline or a lace bralette over which you will throw on a perfectly fitted jacket. If you prefer to break the sexy one look, go for an oversize sweater in a fashionable shade of bottle green or heather purple.

In autumn, opt for an airy, ground-length dress with delicate flowers. Pull on suede over the knee boots on the post and fasten a tightening belt at the waist. Throw a fashionable blazer, denim or leather jacket over your shoulders and enjoy a perfectly fitted outfit for warm, autumn days.  

Knee boots also look gorgeous when accompanied by a knee-length skirt. You can wear a black pencil skirt and a white shirt for the office, and for a walk - a powder pink flared dress. This shade harmonizes well with black. Choose shoes in this color and match the outerwear. A trench coat, a ramones jacket or a jacket will be perfect for this outfit.

The second, equally successful option, is a combination of knee-high boots with leggings or close-fitting pants. Their tight-fitting cut harmonizes with such footwear, creating a sensational combination every day. You can wear almost anything with leggings or trousers. Sweaters, shirts, blouses - choose what you want and feel confident throughout the day.

You can even wear over the knee boots with shorts! How about a combination of leather shorts, black tights, black knee high heels and a shirt? Such styling will not only optically lengthen your legs, but also make you look amazing. Instead of a shirt, you can wear a fitted turtleneck. Do not forget about the high pin-up of your hair, thanks to which you will easily show your neck.

Some helpful tips

Over-the-knee boots are so universal that it's hard to make a blunder. If you're still not sure if you can style them well, check out our tips.

Are you wondering which model of over-the-knee boots will be right for you? Bet on the classics! Black, gray, beige or brown goes well with almost anything. Suede is perfect for everyday use, and for larger events, matte or shiny leather is a better choice. If you like to stand out, go for burgundy, blue or turquoise.

High-heeled boots will be a great solution for short people. If you do not feel confident on high heels or want to ensure maximum comfort, choose a model on a post that will optically extend your legs.  

Overview of the most interesting models

Our definite favorites are classic, black boots on a high heel made of suede. Thanks to the stiffened, insulated upper, they will be perfect even on cold days.

However, we recommend the warmer ones openwork boots made of natural suedethat will look divine in combination with a white shirt dress. They will also suit this outfit beige boots on the post with sexy stitching on the back of the shoe.

How about lacquered model on the postwhich will work well not only for club parties? 

Don't be afraid to experiment. Knee boots can be really varied. Choose from a variety of colors, textures, materials and finishes to create a style that reflects your unique character. If you like looking fresh, modern and stylish, long over-the-knee boots are a great choice. When you feel that your fall or winter outfit looks too cliche, these shoes will add the missing element to it in no time, making it extremely chic.