Light shoes for walking at work

Fall and winter are the time of year when we are forced to wear heavy, warm and waterproof shoes. Thanks to this, we will ensure proper thermal comfort and reduce the risk of catching a cold. However, it is difficult to imagine spending the entire working day wearing such shoes. So, we advise you which lightweight walking shoes will be the best. We present models suitable for women and men.

What to consider when choosing shoes for work?

When looking for work shoes, you need to remember that you will spend several hours wearing them - sitting, walking, standing - depending on your position. So the shoes should be lightweight first of all. Choose models that do not have a thick, heavy sole. If your company does not have a dress code and you do not have contact with customers, you can opt for extremely comfortable sports shoes, here you can be sure that you will be comfortable. Another important issue is breathability. Make the shoes breathable - made of leather or natural textiles, various types of air vents are also desirable, e.g. holes or mesh. Thanks to this, your legs will not sweat. If you must have elegant shoes, and even heels are desired, bet on stability. Don't go for a very high, thin heel, but go for a block or a 7 cm heel. You can also always have shoes for disguise, such as ballerinas, moccasins or espadrilles.

Women's lightweight walking shoes for work

At the beginning, it is important to decide whether the shoes are to be elegant or casual. If you can wear any footwear and you are not bound by the company dress code, you can afford more freedom. So below we present a whole range of lightweight work shoes with examples, maybe one of them will be perfect for you!

  • Ballerinas - this type of footwear is absolutely one of the lightest solutions. Ballerinas also look elegant, they are comfortable and can be worn with dresses, skirts, cigarillos or other pants. You can choose e.g. classic black (e.g. almond ballerinas black nose pads CD52P) or more adorned (e.g. pink ballerinas with pearls Fur).
  • Pumps - when you are required to wear high heels or high heels, it is worth looking for a stable variant. Choose a post, wedge or low heel and you will find that the shoes will still be comfortable. We recommend e.g. Seastar checkered shuttles.
  • Espadrilles - although they are mainly associated with the beach and summer shoes, they can be perfect for work. They are light, comfortable and breathable, which is why they are an ideal solution to wear at work. They can also have an elegant character, as exemplified by them brown VICES espadrilles with glitter.
  • Moccasins - currently they are probably the most popular women's shoes for work. Low, comfortable and fashionable. They look great with dresses, but also jeans or elegant trousers. Available in classic versions (eg. Women's suede loafers by Sergio Leone) or more dressy (e.g. silver moccasins with gray VICES fringes).
  • Sneakers - a solution for ladies who do not have a dress code or like to break the formal style with sports accessories. Undoubtedly, the sneakers are comfortable, fashionable and go well with various clothes - especially when you choose classic, white ankle boots, e.g. shoes Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi.

Men's lightweight walking shoes for work

Men should also determine what type of footwear they expect. If you work in a company where customers are not served and the dress code is not rigid, you can afford more freedom. So we present various types of lightweight walking shoes for men - perhaps you will like one of the available options.

  • Loafers - certainly this type of shoes is number one among men who value comfort and style. For several years, moccasins have been on top and it is not surprising - they go with everything. We recommend e.g. Nikopol 1688 maroon loafers.
  • Low shoes - such shoes do not have to be heavy and uncomfortable. Our offer also includes light, fashionable variants that are perfect as work footwear, e.g. black city shoes Casual 1631 black either ventilated Riko men's shoes with holes 848.
  • Sports - in companies without a dress code in force, men can also choose sneakers. If they are not to be conspicuous, they can be, for example, single-color, black Nike Court Vision Low M CD5463-002but if you're looking for trendy, colorful options, KeeShoes has them too.
  • Sneakers - they are light, comfortable and, above all, they match everything - jeans, elegant trousers and even suits. An example can be classic shoes Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Pro M.

So as you can see, there are many possibilities. At KeeShoes, you can easily find the perfect lightweight walking shoe for work that will meet your expectations. Make sure that convenience comes first. Thanks to this, at work you will focus on your duties, and not on the fact that you have heavy, uncomfortable shoes.