Leather shoes - how to take care of them?

Leather shoes are a must have in virtually every autumn season. Thanks to them, you can choose great stylizations and at the same time have guarantees that the shoes will withstand the toughest weather fluctuations. However, you cannot leave the leather footwear alone. What exactly does this mean? That it is worth taking care of them in several different ways. Thanks to this, we will extend the pleasure of walking in them throughout the autumn.

Impregnation and proper use of leather shoes

After buying shoes from a stationary store or online, do not put them on immediately. First of all, let's take care of their impregnation. This is an easy treatment using substances dedicated to the skin. They are designed to protect our new shoes against both moisture and dirt. Impregnation is easy to make - just follow the instructions on the packaging of a special preparation. And it is worth doing it. Leather shoes are not cheap, but they are delicate. Most often they have a sophisticated cut and are very versatile. Taking care of them is the key to happiness and long wearing them.


Proper use is nothing but a change of footwear. Treating leather footwear as everyday, we lead to their rapid destruction. Let's also try to care for them properly, that is, do not bend the front or stumble. All such activities have a destructive effect on the leather material and can also lead to the rapid destruction of shoes.

What about shoes after the season?

After the season, we can not forget about leather shoes. When we stop using a pair, it's best to prepare it before putting it in the closet and forgetting. Let's put in it balls of paper that will make the shoe do not collapse, will not change its original appearance. If we do not have time for such balls, it is worth ordering special shoe ejectors, available in various shoe stores - also online. Thanks to this, we will be sure that footwear will be in perfect condition for the next season, without any unpleasant mishaps.


Our last tip is to polish shiny shoes and polish matt skin. Doing so will significantly extend the life of your favorite footwear, which is what we want.