Jodhpur boots - fashionable, autumn solution

Shoes for women in the fall is a contentious issue. There are many beautiful types and models and it can not be unambiguously announced that this and this shoe will be the dream of the fall / winter season 2018/19. Meanwhile, you have to decide quickly. Cold air brought clouds and rain to Poland. It may be nice for mushroom pickers, but not for ladies who just have to find the perfect pair of shoes for themselves.

Autumn. The real autumn came, feel it in the middle of Poland and at the same time feel it in the shops. On the shelves - as well as in online stores - there are many new pairs of shoes on the ankle, discussed earlier galoshes or Cossacks. The latter is still too warm for the latter. But not on the Jodhpur boots.

Jodhpur boots - shoes with history and ... character

Jodhpur boots should definitely be associated with equestrian boots. These comfortable footwear is also called rollingstonkami and beatlesówki - from two popular bands, thanks to which they have gained a lot of popularity, especially in America. Now fashion is not diminishing, just the opposite. They are a desirable commodity on every store shelf, also on the Internet. Usually we choose shoes in dark, black or navy blue, but this year the typical autumn colors are also fashionable. Yellows, oranges and reds. Jodhpur boots in these colors will give you good humor and show your fashion character. That's what we're sure of!

Jodhpur boots - how to dress?

This question, although very subjective, can be answered. We will take this answer, passing our suggestions on stylization this autumn. If you are buying dark Jodhpur boots, it's worth to go crazy with a jacket or ... coat. Although the Jodhpur boots and coat may be a difficult combination, it's worth getting dressed. Why? This outfit will give you confidence and extravagance on every exit. It will make you the center of attention. Also, when you wear a maroon-colored shoe, which shines strongly against the background of autumn gray, into a beautiful mustard coat. There are many ideas. Each of them is worth of interest and creativity!