How to take care of suede shoes so that they look great despite the passage of time?

Suede shoes have been enjoying unflagging popularity for several years. This type of footwear looks great, and nicely designed women's and men's models deserve attention. Keeping steam made of this material clean requires a little more work than with grain leather. The charm of suede lies in its beautiful texture and softness, so we should remember about proper impregnation and care of the footwear almost after each wearing. We suggest how to learn to care for a pair of suede so that cleaning it takes little time and your shoes look great for a long time.

Impregnation of suede shoes - let's be careful

We should start taking care of suede shoes right out of the box. It is best to impregnate before the first wear to protect the delicate material. Let's use a special preparation for this purpose - let's ask the seller to choose the right agent. The impregnation layer is designed to protect the suede from water and dirt. Remember, however, that our elegant pumps or soft loafers are not intended for running in puddles!

Proper cleaning is the basis of suede care

We clean suede shoes after each wearing. A special brush is used for this, equipped with rubber tabs. Their role is to remove dirt, they are also designed to lift the hairs that make up the suede. Thanks to this, the surface of the shoe is well cleaned and refreshed, and the raised nap looks great. There are different techniques for removing dirt from suede. We can try to eliminate small stains with an eraser, i.e. a special block designed for cleaning suede. A good solution may also be to buy a professional stain remover, which we apply to the stained surface with a special brush. Remember that on the Internet you will find many home methods to effectively clean your shoes from suede, ranging from soaking them in water with soap flakes, through rubbing milk, and ending with rubbing the bread crust. However, if we want the shoes to maintain their aesthetic appearance for a long time, let's use cosmetics designed for suede care and do not skip the obligatory cleaning after each wear.

A few rules for handling suede

Always dry wet suede shoes away from sources of heat and sun - they can destroy the material and discolor it irreversibly. Stuff your shoes with newspapers, leave them on the doormat and wait for the paper to absorb the water. We can speed up the whole process by frequently replacing newspapers. Suede shoes, stained with mud, are best left to dry. Any premature action may rub the dirt into the suede surface and create unsightly stains. Dirt is much easier to remove with a brush when the surface is dry - just brush it gently. Remember to put shoe trees in an unused pair, thanks to which the shoes will keep a nice shape. Fashionable, suede footwear, perfect for work and everyday use, can be found in the store KeeShoes.

Shoes made of suede are comfortable and look great, so it's worth having at least one fashionable pair in your wardrobe - pumps, sandals, low shoes or moccasins. Proper care is key, and remembering a few simple rules will make our shoes wear well for a long time and look great at the same time.