How to safely and effectively clean suede shoes?

Suede shoes, thanks to their extraordinary flexibility, easily adapt to the shape of the feet, which makes them extremely comfortable shoes. The matte design makes this type of footwear a perfect fit not only in everyday stylizations, but also in more formal or formal ones, but due to their characteristic material, you need to pay much more attention to cleanliness and proper protection of the footwear against difficult weather conditions.

So what should be done to make suede shoes serve for many years, while looking beautiful at the same time? How to safely and effectively clean suede shoes?

Adequate impregnation

In the case of suede shoes, it is extremely important to prevent dirt from settling. Moisture and water are particularly unfavorable for them. The regular use of products intended for the impregnation of chamois leather (before the first wear, and then at least once every two weeks), which are always applied to the cleaned surface, brings excellent results.

Attention! Before using the preparation, check its operation on a small, less visible surface of the shoe to make sure that it does not discolor the color!

How and what is the best way to clean suede shoes from dirt?

1. brush for cleaning suede shoes

Delicate dirt related to everyday use, such as dust or mud, can be easily removed with a suede brush. It should have relatively soft and delicate bristles. Before brushing, leave the shoes to dry completely (avoiding warm places, such as a radiator, because too intense exposure to high temperature may deform the shoe), and then make smooth, "against the grain" movements.

2. Eraser

As with the brush, the suede rubber bands are also used dry. Thanks to gentle rubbing, you can easily remove stains, dust and mud residues from your shoes.

3. Paste, spray, foam

In shoe stores, you can easily find special preparations for cleaning and caring for suede shoes. These products will not only get rid of more visible dirt, but also refresh the shoe, nourish the hair and restore its natural color.

However, remember to choose the right product for the chamois material and use it in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations!

Homemade ways to clean suede shoes

For cleaning your shoes, you can use products that you will surely find in your home. Here are some easy ways you can clean your suede shoes with ease:

1. The crust of the bread

This is an extremely simple method that will help you remove slight dirt. Gently rub the leather on the shoe until the dirt is removed. A few days of bread will work best (the crust must not be wet).

2. A toothbrush (necessarily with soft bristles) or an eraser

It is also an effective replacement for professional shoe cleaning products that we can find in stores. When using them, you must remember that any dirt should dry thoroughly! Gently rubbing the bristles will allow you to effectively get rid of unsightly dirt.

3. Wet wipes for babies

An exceptionally simple way that will allow you to get rid of minor dirt from shoes, even when leaving the house. It is enough to gently rub the stain and you can continue to enjoy using your favorite suede shoes.

4. A mixture of water and vinegar

Mix the substances in a ratio of 1: 1, and then rub the shoes with a cloth cloth. The next step is to wipe the area to be cleaned with only water and gently dry the shoe. This method will help to get rid of more serious dirt and unsightly, greasy stains.

Renewal of suede shoes

Renovating your chamois leather shoes is the perfect way to enjoy them for years to come - or let someone else enjoy them!

Careful care and systematic cleaning may not be enough to keep the shoes in their original color.

A suitable renovator for suede shoes will become useful, which will restore the natural color of the skin, while providing the shoes with protection against moisture and dirt. However, it is important to properly match the color of the preparation to the shade of the shoes.

What should I avoid when cleaning chamois leather shoes?

1. Do not wash them in a washing machine or by hand while fully submerged - this material is poorly resistant to contact with water, and their complete wetting may cause the shoes to deform.

2. Shoes should not be dried near an intense heat source (eg radiator) or in direct sunlight - strong action of warm air will deform the suede shoes. When drying, it is a good idea to leave the shoes in a dark but airy place, and fill their inside with newspapers to help keep the proper shape.

3. The use of strong chemicals, which are not intended for cleaning chamois leather, may cause discoloration. For cleaning, therefore, use only preparations that are intended for this type of material.

What is nubuck?

Nubuck is a material very similar to suede. It is a skin characterized by visible bristles that, when dragged with your finger, leave behind dark streaks that are formed by changing the direction of the bristles. In the case of suede, the bristles are much longer.

Another difference is the way these materials are made. In the case of suede, the inside of the leather is polished, while the nubuck is polished on the outside.

Both of these materials require special care and maintenance. You can clean nubuck in the same way as when cleaning suede shoes.