How to restore the color of suede shoes?

Taking care of chamois leather can seem quite problematic, while the fading color of the fabric is a common reason for shedding your favorite pair of shoes. It doesn't have to be that way! We come to the rescue and suggest how to restore the intense color of suede shoes so that they can be used for many seasons.

Suede shoes, both for men and women, are an extremely popular item of clothing. Suede is an extremely elegant material, thanks to which it looks great when worn for evening and official stylizations. Due to its versatility, it is more and more often used to make sports or casual shoes, as a result of which it gives them an interesting and original look.

Proper care and the color of suede shoes

A key rule in caring for suede footwear is to prevent color fading. So what is worth remembering during daily care to avoid the appearance of a defect?

  • Brush the suede regularly with a specially designed brush with soft bristles, which will allow you to obtain a much better look of the footwear.

  • Remove any dirt as soon as possible so that it does not penetrate too much into the structure of the material. Quick reaction to dirt will allow you to avoid the need to invest in special preparations intended for professional cleaning of suede shoes.

  • Remember about proper impregnation and a solid protection of footwear against external factors. Use the preparation regularly and in accordance with the instructions so as not to damage your shoes.

  • Do not expose the shoes to intense sunlight. This can cause not only discoloration of the suede, but also deformation of the entire shoe.

  • Never wash your shoes fully immersed or in a washing machine! Such a large amount of moisture can negatively affect the suede, leading to irreparable damage.

  • Try to avoid getting your shoes wet. If they become wet, be sure to dry them thoroughly. Stuffing the inside of the shoes with newspapers will help to keep the natural shape of the shoes during the drying process.

How to restore the color of suede shoes? Renovation stages

  • The first and most important step in preparing your shoes for renovation is their thorough cleaning. To do this, use a soft-bristled brush or a special suede rubber band. Get rid of any dried-on dirt by gently rubbing the material. This treatment will also improve the bristle structure, thanks to which the next stages of work will be more effective.

  • If the dirt is more serious, it is best to use a special agent designed for the care of suede shoes. The preparation should be used in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations and selected according to the color and material. After you have thoroughly cleaned your shoes, allow them to dry completely (avoid direct sunlight or intense heat as this may cause the shoes to warp).

  • Use a renovator bought in a shoe store on the shoes prepared in this way. The most common forms you may encounter are liquid spray or paste. It is important to choose an identical color of the renovator that matches your footwear.
    If you do not want to risk, you can use a colorless preparation.
    Renovator will not only restore the original color of the shoes, but also improve the condition of the bristles and protect the suede against external factors such as moisture or mud.

  • After the preparation has dried thoroughly, you should gently comb the hairs of the suede once more to prevent their unsightly sticking and restore the natural appearance of the shoe. Finally, spray the entire surface with a special impregnation that will preserve the obtained effects and allow you to better protect the shoe against unwanted damage or dirt.

Such a renovation will effectively restore the color of suede shoes, thanks to which you will enjoy the intense color and beautiful appearance of the shoes for much longer!