How to look feminine in carbonate?

Heavy, massive footwear modeled on military models, which is associated primarily with subcultures concentrated around specific genres of music - rock, punk and metal. This is how you can describe your clay in a nutshell. Shoes with a characteristic binding, high leather uppers and solid soles love thousands of teenagers and adults - women and men around the world. We suggest how to create stylizations with glas in the main role, that their owners look and feel feminine.

A brief history of carbonates

The idea of ​​shoes, which will hold the foot hard, came from the injury of Dr. Klaus Märtens. The project developed in 1945 quickly gained popularity among workers and uniformed services. How the glas, also known as martens, have become an irreplaceable element of street fashion? The massive boots appealed to the representatives of subcultures in the '90s - skins, punks and metals. They could be put on a concert without the risk of someone breaking a foot during a pogo. A solid sole with screws was useful during fights, and the high upper perfectly protected against rain and cold. It took almost 20 years for the carbonated beams to cease to be associated only with the rebellious youth and found a cozy place in women's wardrobes.

Glany - fashionable and comfortable

Fan lovers are compatible - it's fantastic, very durable and comfortable shoes. The belief is that they fit best with the image of the rebellious boy in a t-shirt, trousers, and a leather jacket. Fashion, however, gave the green light to the carbon and we can wear them in very feminine styles. In order not to make a mistake, let's take some rules to heart and remember them when we create our sets.

How to look feminine in carbonate?

Martens can be worn with trousers, skirts and dresses. Let's choose jeans, a white shirt and a Ramones coat or fitted trousers in a crease, woolen turtleneck and soft cardigan, which will definitely look great. If we like bolder stylizations and we like to play with fashion, martens are also suitable for shorts - let's combine them with long, thicker knee-highs. Lovers' skirts can wear carbonates with models of corduroy, jeans or leather. A valuable advice: the skirt should be fitted, it can be straight or in the shape of the letter a. We will create unique styles if we put a soft knitted dress into our sleighs, preferably an oversize cut. All gothic-style dresses will also look great - with lace and textile decorations. Remember, however, that in this way we can be picked up as members of a specific subculture. Traditional clay is black, but we do not have to limit ourselves to this color! On you will find martens in various designs and colors. The more feminine the shade of shoes, the greater the chance that our entire stylization will look light and feminine.

What connections to avoid - a list of prohibited additions

A woman in glas it can look fashionable, sexy and nice. There is a lot of fashion inspiration on the Internet, so it's easy to fall into a trap and rub off about kitsch. What does not match the carbonates? Avoid the fishnet and torn tights, unless we create costume for costume party, in which case it will not hurt to splash clothes with artificial blood and use white powder. We also leave long, trailing dresses in the closet, or just put them on when we go to a concert or a rock rally. If we choose a costume for the wedding, and we are not fancas of high heels, let's put on ballerinas or sandals. Cans and elegant cocktail dresses do not go hand in hand. Let's also remember that martens are not sports shoes or summer shoes, so for a romantic walk in the meadow let's put on sneakers or sandals.

Gears are comfortable and durable shoes in which we can look beautiful and feminine. When creating a stylization, remember about a few simple rules and it is necessary to choose a unique pair of shoes in our favorite color.