How to deal with uncomfortable footwear?

Sometimes the purchase of shoes turns out to be not entirely satisfactory. Even if the shoes meet our aesthetic needs, they may turn out to be uncomfortable when worn. Wondering how to deal with uncomfortable footwear? Then check out our guide where we present 5 practical tips!

Tips - how to put your new shoes on ...

  1. Kick off your shoes

New high heels for a friend's wedding? Or maybe shoes in the mountains? If you have bought shoes for a special occasion, be sure to sell them before the event. Don't write them off right away. We recommend that you put them on around the house or for a walk a few times. Thanks to this, you will adjust them to the shape of your foot, break them down and reduce the risk that they will chafe you next time. You can always choose a plan B and wear a tight-fitting model over thick socks or ask a person with a slightly larger foot to wear some of them. Then the shoe will break down and be more comfortable.

  1. Use shoe insoles

This is one of the most popular solutions. If the model of footwear does not fit your feet well, is too loose or improperly shaped - put on appropriate insoles for shoes. Choose those that will harmonize perfectly with the footwear - they must not bend, wavy or stand out. The material is also important. For warmer days, we recommend lambskin models or gel inserts, while for autumn and winter, thicker variants are better - e.g. made of felt, wool or aluminum sponge. A perfectly fitted insole is the key to success when you want to get comfort for your feet.

  1. Half-insoles and heels can also be a solution

Everyone has their own preferences regarding footwear and other models will guarantee their comfort. If the insoles do not guarantee your comfort, you may need a solution that will support your midfoot or heel properly. For this purpose, we recommend checking the half-insoles and heel pads. These are especially popular among women who love to wear high heels. Unfortunately, this positioning of the foot often causes pain in the metatarsus, which is the result of a lack of proper support. It is also worth reaching for half-insoles, especially with shoes with thin soles, which will well cushion the foot while walking. And how to deal with uncomfortable footwear when sharp edges hurt you? When shoes are made of, for example, hard leather, they can compress the Achilles tendon and cause discomfort, so heel inserts will be helpful. These lift part of the foot, so that the edge of the footwear is in a less sensitive place.

  1. Breaking shoes at a shoemaker

This method is very popular when you buy shoes that are slightly too small or when you have an imbalance in the length of the insole in both legs. Then it is enough to order the shoemaker to break the shoes so that he can adjust them to the sizes you want - up to about half the size. The condition is, however, that they must be leather shoes. Then it is possible to impose them on the so-called a last that they part. Other materials may not be susceptible to such treatments and may even be damaged. The cost of the project is small - from a few to a dozen or so zlotys, and the effect may satisfy you.

  1. Stretching spray for shoes

Another way to deal with uncomfortable shoes is a specialized spray. The chemical mixture is to penetrate the fabric structures, expand them and make the shoe comfortable while wearing. The spray stretcher consists of alcohol, water, a special plasticizer and a caring agent. Here, however, we point out again that this method will work for natural leather. The sprays are suitable for all types of rough and smooth leather, but should not be used on patent leather. The method of use is simple - you spray your shoes, put them on your feet and wear at least 30 minutes. Materials wetted with the preparation are stretched and fit the footwear exactly to the foot.

We hope that our tips will prove to be helpful and now you will easily deal with the problem of uncomfortable shoes. Remember to measure the socks you usually wear and take the size according to the table. However, if you already have uncomfortable shoes in your resources - follow our advice, and perhaps the situation can be rectified. Good luck!