How to clean suede shoes - home remedies

Suede is an extremely effective material, thanks to which it adds style to any styling. It is classified as a rough leather, and its characteristic feature is long bristles on which, after running a finger over it, there are visible darker streaks. Despite the fact that suede shoes look really beautiful, the material is quite problematic when taking care of it. How to clean suede shoes? Learn about cheap and effective home remedies for keeping suede in good condition.

Suede does not tolerate abundant contact with water, and due to the presence of long bristles, it is also impossible to polish it (as in the case of grain leather). In shoe stores, there are preparations and specialized products for the professional care of shoes made of suede, but it is also associated with higher costs.

So it's worth getting to know a few simple, home-made methods thanks to which you will effectively get rid of unwanted dirt from your favorite suede shoes, without spending a large amount of money!

How to clean suede shoes with home methods?

1. S.toothbrush

Perfect for removing the remnants of dried mud that stuck to the surface of the shoe. Ideally, the brush should be made of soft and delicate bristles so as not to damage the material during cleaning. Before cleaning, allow the shoe to dry completely and then gently brush the dirt. Remember to follow the direction of the bristles.

2. Eraser

It can successfully replace a professional suede elastic available in shoe stores. It is important that it is white in color. With the help of an eraser, you can easily get rid of minor dirt visible on the suede. It is enough to gently rub the stain and then get rid of the remnants of the rubbed eraser. And it's ready!

3. The crust of the bread

You can easily get rid of small, dried-on dirt with a bread crust. Gently rubbing the inner (soft) side of the leather will help get rid of dirt, but it will certainly not damage the material of the footwear. After the procedure, just shake off the bread crumbs.

4. Baby wipes

This method will work for greasy stains on your favorite suede shoes. Gently wipe dry shoes with a damp tissue and allow them to dry again. Then rub the suede with a soft cloth or a soft-bristled brush.

5. Baking soda

It works well not only when cleaning suede shoes from the outside, but also inside.
A tablespoon of baking soda mixed with a glass of milk applied to the surface of the shoe will effectively remove stains and dirt. It is enough to evenly spread the resulting mush over the suede, let it dry, and then get rid of the remnants of the mixture with a brush.
Baking soda is also a great way to get rid of unpleasant odors in your shoes. Pour a small amount of powder inside the shoe. Leave the prepared footwear overnight and then remove the soda residue. The bad smell will disappear and the shoes will be fresh and ready for use.

Some tips on caring for suede shoes

In order for the above home methods of cleaning suede shoes to work, any dirt should be dealt with as soon as possible. Carry out shoe care regularly and thoroughly, and in rainy and winter periods, it is best to do it every time you return home. This way you will avoid the penetration of dirt into the bristles.

In the care of suede, it is equally important to properly dry wet shoes. It should take place in airy but shaded places, away from direct sunlight or intense heat sources that could cause deformation of the footwear.

Storing footwear before the next season is a key element so that it can retain its natural shape and color. Before putting your shoes in the cupboard, make sure they are clean and dry. It is best to stuff them inside with newspaper, and then leave them in a dark and airy place so that they can "breathe" freely.

Is it safe to wash suede shoes in the washing machine?

Washing in a washing machine is definitely the easiest way to quickly and effectively clean shoes at home, but it is strongly discouraged in the case of suede. This material does not tolerate contact with water, both during washing in a washing machine and when washing by hand. Excessive moisture can cause irreversible discoloration and deformation of the suede.