How to clean ecological leather shoes? Eco-leather care

Shoes made of ecological leather significantly resemble natural leather in texture and appearance. At first glance, we can't see much of a difference. Ecological leather is a polyester material, additionally coated with polyvinyl chloride, and then subjected to various chemical processes. How to clean ecological leather shoes? Everything about the care of eco-leather.

The advantages of ecological leather

The great advantage of ecological leather is its price, which can be even several times lower than its natural counterparts. It is also worth emphasizing that you do not have to kill the animals to obtain the material. However, it is a material of much lower quality, with a greater tendency to any kind of damage and bruising. Air circulation and moisture permeability is also significantly reduced, which translates into the comfort of using the footwear.

So if you replace your shoes quite often, you only need a model for specific occasions, and you do not want to spend too much on buying shoes, you should consider buying eco-leather shoes.

How to take care of ecological leather shoes so that they can serve as long as possible?

1. Appropriate impregnation

When buying shoes made of ecological leather, remember to purchase special preparations intended for this type of material. In shoe stores, you can easily find all kinds of polishes, sprays or creams that will not only protect your shoes from external factors, but also give shine, refresh the color and properly clean the surface of the shoe.

Attention! Remember to use an impregnation just before the first application, and then apply it at regular intervals, every few days.

When choosing an impregnation, pay attention to whether it is intended for use on ecological leather. Otherwise, you can damage the structure of the material. It is also worth carefully matching the color of the preparation to the shade of the shoe. If you are unsure, first use an impregnation on a small, invisible surface or choose a colorless preparation that will suit any color.

2. Avoid brushes with hard bristles

Rubbing with a brush that is too hard can damage the material. Ecological leather is much thinner and more delicate than natural leather.

You can remove dust and dried mud with a brush (soft bristles are necessary) by rubbing the material dry. More serious dirt can be removed with a damp sponge or cloth.

Advice. If you are away from home, use baby wipes to clean small dirt!

If the above methods do not help, it will be necessary to use special preparations intended for cleaning eco leather. Remember to apply the agent evenly and in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

3. Remove any dirt on a regular basis

Try to do it regularly and carefully, because neglected shoes will become more and more difficult to get rid of unwanted dirt and unsightly stains over time. This rule is especially important in the autumn and winter period, when it is worth wiping the shoes after each use to prevent irreversible damage to the material.

Proper care will allow the shoes to retain their original appearance and shape for longer. Shoes will be less prone to damage of any kind, but will also become more resistant to contamination.

4. Never wash eco leather shoes in the washing machine

Under no circumstances should you clean your shoes in the washing machine, or by hand, while fully submerged in water!

If your shoes become excessively wet (e.g. in rainy weather), allow them to dry fully in a dry, ventilated place, but not in direct contact with an intense heat source, such as a hot heater or direct sunlight.

Too fast drying quite often results in cracking and deformation of the material, which makes the shoes lose their charm and natural look.

5. Pasting is not necessary

Unlike when cleaning natural leather, in the case of shoes made of eco leather, we can skip this step. Due to a different structure, eco-leather does not absorb substances contained in shoe polishes, and their use could lead to unsightly stains, discoloration and even damage to the material.

Regular cleaning and impregnation with products intended for eco leather is enough to keep the shoes in good condition.

Shoes made of ecological leather are therefore a great choice that allows you to save a lot of money. With proper care and following a few important rules, it is possible to use eco-leather shoes for a long time without any problems.