How to choose the right size of the shoe

Most of us know their foot size, we also know when buying footwear that the sizes of individual manufacturers differ.

Most of us know the size of the foot, we also know when buying footwear that the sizes of individual manufacturers are different, so it is always worth looking into the "size table" that will allow us to quickly orientate, for example, the size 42 of the XX brand, which usually we buy suits the size 42 of the YY brand that we are about to buy. Sometimes it happens that people do not remember their shoe size, or are confused by different sizes. There is a way and at the same time one of the most reliable methods of choosing shoes in a boutique, and especially bought in online stores - determining the inner length of a shoe insert.

How to determine the length of the insole of the shoe? - Measure the length of the foot. On a piece of A4 paper, we put a foot in a sock, outline its shape, and then measure in centimeters the distance between the two most protruding feet on the foot, ie from the tip of the furthest toe to the heel. (Remember to measure both feet, sometimes one of them may be shorter). Add 0, 5- 1 cm to the result, guided by the principle that the plump the rate, the greater the stock. The result obtained is the length of the inner insole of the shoe. Every footwear manufacturer is required to provide in centimeters the length of the shoe insole that is assigned to the specified size. Some manufacturers, for example, insert a 27 cm long insert to size 40, others to 41, and others to 42. Buying shoes online, without the possibility of trying, remember that it is worth suggesting only the length of the inner liner and not the size - we will avoid this way disappointments too small or too large.