How to choose the best running shoes?

Winter is associated with a comfortable sofa, warm slippers and delicious chocolate, not physical activity. Practice shows, however, that the feeling of bliss will be only temporary - cold months will soon pass, and we will stay with extra kilos. Therefore, before everyone remembers the bathing suits pressed into the wardrobe, we can already be in the process of making a life form. Winter is no excuse! When the window is freezing, we can start the adventure with sport in the gym at the local fitness club. Treadmills are waiting to put their feet on them. All we need is the right shoes.

Do you know what kind of your foot is?

Running our feet is the most important thing - so let's focus your attention on them. Searching for the perfect shoes let's start by specifying the type of our foot, whether it is pronating, spinning or neutral. We will find out by looking at the vault (colloquially raising - part of the foot that bends into a characteristic arch), if it is high, the foot is spinning while running, at low (or flat feet) we are talking about the proposing rate. Why is it worth knowing? The shoes in which we will run should have adequate cushioning. How do we determine the type of foot? All we need to do is perform a simple water test at home: we will wet the foot and press it on the sheet. Then we will look at how big the arch, or vault, is. What else should we remember when choosing running shoes ?

Focus on size

Running shoes should be comfortable, that's why we do not match their size with perfect, that is, contact. It is important that there is some slack in your fingers. How much exactly? It depends on what distances we plan to run. The beginner runner will need half a slack number. As you gain experience and overcome longer distances, your foot will need more space. As you run, your heart rate increases and your heart begins to pump blood faster. The next kilometers traveled affect the feet - they start to swell and tightly fill the free space of the shoes. The slack prevents abrasions, we do not feel oppression and we can continue to be active. Perfectly matched Running shoes we can order from

Where will you run?

Not everyone lives near green areas. Most often, to be able to enjoy running among greenery in the company of birds singing, i.e. on a soft surface, we have to overcome a piece of hard terrain - pavement, asphalt. In this situation, let's look for universal shoes, which will also be ideal for beginners. However, if you run in the middle of the urban jungle, a much better choice will be a pair for hard surface - good cushioning is the basis. Remember that it is only a matter of time before our collection of running shoes has grown into several pairs. The best model for you will certainly find in the store.


Running is a great sport, which, however, requires us not only to get involved, but also appropriate shoes. Let's choose a pair of the right size that fits the shape of our foot so that running is safe, and overcoming the following kilometers gave us a lot of satisfaction.