How to choose shoes for trousers?

I do not know a woman who would not have at least one pair of pants in her wardrobe and you certainly have them too. At the intensity of life, they are much more practical than dresses and skirts. You must have ever wondered what shoes to choose for a particular model to look your best, and this article will help you with that.  

Sexy tubes

Tubes have become a symbol of the sixties, and even today they do not lose their popularity. They emphasize tyour strengths, allowing you to feel attractive and feminine. A safe choice is high boots, ankle sneakers or ballerina shoes. If you have no problem walking on high heels, then remember that the pins emphasize the buttocks and optically lengthen the legs. 

The most comfortable jeans

Mod. QuantityEli jeans is amazing, so it's easy to choose shoes. Najomore suitable are flat-heeled or wide-heeled shoes. You can think that everything suits them. Although an interesting solution are sneakers with colorful soles that will give your stylization a little slack. 

Elegant with a crease

Suit pants are still associated mainly with men, although this is changing more and more. For men, elegant slippers should be chosen. If a woman puts them on, then most often with flat-heeled shoes. You might as well choose loafers or feminine slippers. In this release you will definitely look elegant at work or when going to the theater. 

Extravagant bells

Although bells are most associated with hippies, they have been back in spring power cables. When you want to stand out from the crowd, they will definitely interest you. Preferably byewedges, wide posts or platforms are used for them. If you prefer flat women's shoes, pay attention to sneakers. 

Comfortable leggings

Tight-fitting leg warmers are still fashionable, thanks to their universality. It's best if you decide on ankle boots or round toe shoes. In my opinion, they look best with ballerinas that you probably already have. If you want to optically slim your legs, then boots of any length will help you. Leggings are perfect boots for boots. 


It is worth remembering that all these rules are only guidelines. The most important thing is for you to feel good in what you wear.