How to choose shoes for linen trousers?

Linen is a fabric that is gaining more and more attention and proudly enters the collections of popular fashion houses. Almost all items of clothing are sewn from it, but linen trousers are the most popular. Both female and male users love them. What to combine linen with? How to choose shoes for linen trousers? Check out our inspirations.

Linen trousers can take many forms and styles. Linen trousers are an excellent choice for warm, spring-summer days, mainly due to the airiness of the fabric. It is a natural fabric that allows the skin to breathe, and in addition - it is extremely versatile and functional, which is why it is eagerly chosen both for casual outings and formal business meetings. Its character depends on the cut, color and accessories. The element that often causes problems is the selection of the right footwear. So how to choose shoes for linen trousersto get the effect you expect?

Business meeting - what shoes for linen trousers

If your company has a dress code, the outfit must meet certain guidelines. The same applies to all kinds of business meetings that enforce formal and elegant styling. The combination of the jacket and linen trousers will make the whole look classic and tasteful, but extremely natural. Accessories are of great importance, and above all - shoes.

We recommend it for ladies classic pumps covering fingers. You must remember that the generally accepted rule when it comes to serious business meetings is the selection of built-up models, so it is worth checking in advance whether the mentioned rule applies at the event or at the meeting place. In the case of less formal meetings, but still requiring professional presence, they will be perfect sandals or immortal heels. Here, the freedom is a bit greater, so you should consider models with open fingers, on a stable post. In combination with linen trousers, they will look original, but still very stylish.

Elegant men's shoes for linen trousers are primarily classic, lace-up shoes. To harmonize well with a light fabric such as linen, they must be made of high-quality leather in light, neutral colors. It is absolutely unacceptable to combine linen with heavy models, as they will take away all the elegance of the styling.

Linen trousers every day - what shoes to choose?

In everyday stylizations, go for ease and a casual style. Linen pants will work great because you can freely combine them with other items of clothing, and at the same time still look chic.

Ladies with linen trousers most often choose sneakers, sneakers or delicate sandals. The rest of the outfit and the occasion are of great importance. Lords, a model of slip-on shoes made of natural leather or fabric, will also work on a daily basis.

For men, classic moccasins or sneakers are recommended. In combination with a bright t-shirt or a linen shirt with aggressively rolled up sleeves, they will create a light style, but not without good taste. It is worth noting that shoes for linen trousers should be worn on a bare foot. If you are planning a summer picnic, a walk or a trip outside the city, it is worth focusing on comfortable solutions that will allow freedom of movement, and at the same time will not be devoid of good taste.
Stylists also recommend sandals for linen trousers, and flip-flops for an evening party on the beach.

Could there be a more universal type of pants? In fact, they look impeccable with the majority of footwear models and you will get an effective look in each version. The only thing you need to remember is that linen pants look great with natural, light materials and subtle accessories. In turn, delicate jewelry will decorate your stylization, will not overwhelm it and will not take away its airiness and charm.