How to choose shoes for dresses?

Many ladies love dresses and skirts. They give up pants for many reasons, including discomfort and fashion outfits according to them. Dresses are a completely new way to show your style - completely different from jeans. Sometimes, however, it's difficult to choose footwear. And it's not only suitable, but also warm for cold months and warm - to work for eight hours in the office. Therefore, shoes should fulfill two main functions - be comfortable and aesthetically match the style chosen by us.

Do flat shoes go with dresses?

It's very easy to choose high-heeled shoes for skirts. In such an outfit, the pumps will play the main role - both higher heels and shoes with additional fasteners, for example around the ankle. It's a good solution for warm months, just like ... flat shoes.

Many women think that flat footwear absolutely does not match dresses. However, we argue that both ballerinas and lords are a sensational solution for tall women. Or for those ladies who don't like to walk in high heels. They will match minimalist or on the contrary dresses. They sensationally emphasize the boho style - also at weddings! Think how many beautiful ballerinas and sandals with flat heels are like jewelry. They have not only fringes, but feathers and beads, which creates an incredible mosaic.

Do juicy colors match toned dresses?

Most of our dresses have subdued colors. Blue, maybe navy blue. White, beige and black. Calm dresses and skirts suit elegant outfits, mainly for work. And what if we add fiery red or autumn, trendy mustard color to these colors? Your pumps and high heels or wedges can be a unique decoration. Many people look at shoes - so it's worth choosing them to a medium-length skirt, to the knees or slightly outside.

It's a good choice for summer and spring. Beautiful weather is conducive to such colorful variations. Let's go crazy in the warm months, no matter where we put our dresses on. Only the dress code at work can restrict us. But it can also be ... circumvented?

Cold season of the year? No worries!

But how do you solve it when dressing with a dress? What footwear will fit? The answer is obvious - they will be boots in different colors, perfect for autumn and - those with fur - for winter.

Classic solutions are smooth and have no decorations. Leather boots with a higher heel will match formal styles. For a meeting or a date? On the lower, especially if you are going to walk - necessarily with some interesting decoration.

Boots and their different, different types allow you to create original fashion combinations for every occasion and season. If you love dresses, you should invest in these shoes!