How to choose pins to dance in them a whole prom and many weddings?

The heel's height and its location

Orthopaedists warn the patient against frequent use of high heels. However, taking into account the fact that we only play once in our own prom, we propose to find a compromise between health and the fulfillment of shoe dreams. When choosing shoes, look at where the heel was placed. It should be placed in the middle of the heel - this will ensure its stability when walking. Let's also pay attention to the length of our foot and adjust the proportional height of shoes - the higher heel, the harder the weight of the body is spread on the fingers, and thus more difficult to maintain balance. Let's assume a simple rule: a low rate - low heel, a larger rate - a higher one. So what heel height will be the best? According to doctors, 4 centimeters are safe, because such a heel guarantees stability while walking - the weight of the body is broken down properly, and good tendons are maintained. If, however, we dream about real, high shoes, heels can be from 6 to 9 centimeters. Let's not model ourselves on models who, as part of signed contracts, have to show themselves in exorbitantly high shoes! Let's also remember that filigree girls will look better in lower shoes, color-matched to tights.

Stabilization thanks to the platform

When looking for the perfect heels, let's look at the offer of shoes on the platform. It's a stylish elevation that helps you balance and increase your comfort of movement. Pumps with platform are also an excellent choice for those of us who have a slightly wider calf. Let's put on straight pins with a rounded toe, without stripes and large decorations that look great with a small black one. The size of the shoes is also important - they can not be too big, they should lie well on the foot. Thoroughly measure the length of the favorite pair's insert before ordering. We can choose fashionable shoes for a prom without leaving home at, without losing any time, which can be used to study for the final exams.

Learning to walk in high heels

Beautiful, new high heels are packed in a box and are waiting for a big day? If this is our first pair, it will be useful to learn a few lessons. Treading on high and thin heels is a big challenge, so let's get ready for the big evening. The videos on the Internet and the presence of a close woman - mother, grandmother, or a friend who can master the art of beautiful walking in heels and who are willing to give us some lessons can help. Initially, we may have difficulty maintaining balance and straightening the knees, but learning makes perfect - thanks to regular home training, we will surely quickly get fit!

Studniówka is a special evening for students. The boys put on the first suits and learn to tie ties, and the girls are waiting to master the art of walking in heels. The ability to choose an elegant outfit is a valuable art, so it's a good idea to get ready for the lesson and pass the ballroom test perfectly.