How to choose high heels to dance the entire prom and many weddings in them?

For many high school students, a prom is an opportunity to choose the first high heels in their lives. Pumps on a thin post enchant with their charm. These timeless shoes look extremely stylish in combination with an elegant dress, they are also a way to add femininity to every teenager. We advise you on what to look for when choosing high heels so that they do not turn out to be a purchase only for one event.

The height of the heel and its location

Orthopedists warn the patient against wearing high heels frequently. However, taking into account the fact that we only have fun at our prom once in a lifetime, we propose to find a compromise between health and making footwear dreams come true. When choosing your shoes, let's take a look at where the heel is located. It should be placed in the very center of the heel - this will ensure its stability while walking. Let's also pay attention to the length of our foot and choose a proportional height of the shoes - the higher the heel, the more heavily the body weight is distributed on the toes, and thus the more difficult it is to keep balance. Let's take a simple rule: small foot - low heel, larger foot - taller. So what is the best heel height? According to doctors, 4 centimeters are safe, because such a heel guarantees stability while walking - the body weight is distributed correctly, and the good work of the tendons is also maintained. However, if we dream of real high shoes, heels can be 6 to 9 centimeters. Let us not follow the models who, under the contracts signed, have to show up in exorbitantly high shoes! We should also remember that petite girls will look better in lower shoes, color-matched with tights.

Stabilization thanks to the platform

When looking for the perfect high heels, let's take a look at the offer shoes on the platform. It is a stylish platform that helps with balance and increases comfort of movement. Platform pumps are also a great choice for those of us with slightly wider calves. Let's focus on simple heels with a rounded toe without stripes and large decorations that look great with a small black dress. The size of the shoes is also important - they cannot be too big, they should fit well on the foot. We carefully measure the length of your favorite pair's insole before ordering. We can choose fashionable prom shoes without leaving home on the KeeShoes website, without wasting time that can be spent on studying for the matura exam.

Learning to walk in high heels

Beautiful new heels are packed in the box and waiting for the big day? If this is our first couple, a few lessons of proper movement will come in handy. Walking on high and thin heels is a big challenge, so let's prepare properly for the great evening. Videos on the Internet and the presence of a close woman - mother, grandmother or friend who mastered the art of beautiful walking in heels to perfection and will be happy to teach us a few lessons - may be helpful. Initially, we may find it difficult to balance and straighten our knees, but science makes perfect - with regular home training we'll definitely get into practice quickly!

The prom is a special evening for students. Boys put on their first suits and learn how to tie ties, while girls will learn to walk in heels. The ability to choose an elegant formal outfit is a valuable art, so it is worth getting ready for the lesson and passing the ballroom test with flying colors.