How to choose gym shoes?

During intense exercise, it certainly doesn't look the most attractive. Still, when putting on a sports outfit, you should not only think about comfort, but also your appearance. We suggest how to choose gym shoes so that they are as comfortable as possible and aesthetic!

Gym shoes - what's best for you?

The choice of sports footwear must always be carefully considered. The right pair has a real impact on comfort when exercising. When something hurts, pressure or rubs, it is more difficult to focus on training right away. Well chosen gym shoes they also increase our safety when using machines or performing very stressful exercises. Selected models can protect joints from overload, prevent slipping and reduce discomfort of high ground pressure.

The most important criterion is of course size. Too small gym shoes it's a real torment. In turn, too large, they can slide on the leg or even fall, which is not only very distracting, but is potentially dangerous. To make sure that the pair will fit, the most reasonable is to know not only your size, but the exact foot dimensions in centimeters.

The material from which they are made is also extremely important gym shoes. It should guarantee optimal ventilation, because then there is no unpleasant overheating of the foot, impressions and abrasions. Sewing itself also has a huge impact on wearing comfort. The best brands have been perfecting their designs for years so that they have the most ergonomic styles.

In fact, the sole has the greatest impact on wearing comfort. Gym shoes they must have a durable but elastic instep. Then the footwear will guarantee the greatest comfort and effective protection even during intense exercise, requiring a heavy load on the legs.

The best shoes for the gym - how to find them?

In fact, there is no universal footwear that works in every situation. Best gym shoes should be selected specifically for the exercises that we intend to perform. Another pair will be made up of a person focused on typical strength training, and another a fitness or cardio lover.

If the gym mainly focuses on general movement and uses the treadmill, elliptical cross trainer, bicycle or other typical machines most often, running-specific models will work well, e.g. Adidas Archivo M EF0416 shoes black for men or Adidas Swift Run JW EG3204 shoes pink For the ladies. They are well ventilated and have a comfortable lining. They have flexible soles that adapt to the ground and lighten the joints.

People more focused on dynamic cardio, fitness or other agility training should pay attention to models with a retreaded sole. In such a situation, models such as e.g. Saucony Guide Iso 2 W shoes S10464-42 pink or buty Under Armor Charged Bandit 4 M 3020319-007 black. Thanks to them you have a guarantee that it will not slip during quick movements. The relatively low weight makes it easier to perform exercises. Strong bindings, on the other hand, guarantee protection against slipping from the leg.

People mainly exercising on machines or using equipment (dumbbells, mats, steppes, etc.) should wear shoes that combine all the best features of sports footwear. Such a universal model are e.g. shoes Asics Patriot 11 M 1011A609-200 brown. They were made of a well ventilating and sweat-wicking mesh. The cut has a minimum number of seams, so it adapts perfectly to the natural shape of the feet. The inner heel strongly stiffens the heel area and holds it in the right place, which is especially important, e.g. when lifting weights.

Nice gym shoes - how do you choose them for your outfit?

Of course gym shoes they should also be aesthetic. A neat, attractive appearance encourages exercise, improves mood and adds confidence. All this also has a significant impact on motivation and attitude towards training, which translates into its effects.

Classics lovers will love universal, subdued models in black and gray. They match any outfit, they are neutral but tasteful. An example of such footwear are e.g. Asics Gel-Exalt 5 M shoes 1011A162-001 black.

Some, however, prefer slightly more colorful accessories. According to research, the view of more interesting, more vivid colors adds energy and motivates to action. Many ladies will definitely like Asics Gel-Quantum 90 2 Gs W 1024A038-700 shoes, gracefully combining a beautiful shade of lilies with gold. Gentlemen who like more expressive colors can, in turn, choose for themselves e.g. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 M AQ2203-602 shoes red. Such intense color immediately makes you recover all your strength!

Gym shoes must be comfortable, safe and comfortable to wear. You will find a huge selection of great quality sports footwear on Check the offer to find shoes for yourself in which you will exercise with pleasure!