How to care for suede shoes? It's easier than you think!

Suede shoes seem to be more demanding than traditional leather shoes. There is no way to polish them, and they don't like rain very much. Fortunately, keeping them in good shape is not as problematic as it may seem. Learn the proven tips that will make your suede shoes always look divine!

Take care of the suede every day

Suede impresses with an interesting texture and a great look. It is versatile and fits almost any occasion. Nevertheless, it does require a bit of care. Suede is relatively easy to damage, scratches and abrasions. Fortunately, there are effective ways in which suede shoes will last for many years. We advise on how to take care of such demanding footwear every day. 

If you want to enjoy well-groomed, suede shoes, do not wait until the first stain appears on them. According to the principle "prevention is better than cure", suede shoes should be absolutely secured before you show off your new purchase to the world. To do this, obtain a protective spray for impregnation intended for footwear made of this material. In this way, you will provide them with the necessary protection against dirt and unsightly stains. Before using the preparation, brush your shoes. Repeat this step after spraying them with the spray.

In addition to the impregnation agent, a special brush is a key tool in caring for suede shoes. Although it is not expensive, you can easily replace it with a used toothbrush. 

Also, get a special suede care product that will keep your shoes looking like new despite the passage of time. The manufacturers of these specifics offer a wide range of colors that will help you refresh the color of your footwear. Use this remedy about once a month.

From the rain under Plantage…

When wearing suede shoes every day, avoid them in inclement weather. If the weather forecast includes rain, better choose other footwear. When the downpour caught you unexpectedly, take off your wet shoes as soon as possible, dry them with a clean towel and let them dry naturally.

Remember that haste is not a good advisor. Under no circumstances should you support this process by placing your shoes near a warm radiator or using a dryer. This way you can make the material fade. Be patient and don't forget to put wooden boards in wet shoes, which you can replace with old newspapers or a paper towel. Thanks to this, you will avoid deformation of the shoes. After the shoes are dry, brush the suede to restore the smoothness of the material.

Make your suede shoes look like new

The basic rule is: under no circumstances should you use water to clean suede shoes! It has a negative impact not only on the color of your shoes, but also on its texture. 

Use a soft bristled brush to remove dirt and dust. Relatively quick, not too intense movements will allow you not to damage such a delicate material.   

If any drink or other liquid has been spilled on your suede shoes, keep your head up! We know a way to get rid of the stain. Remember, however, that you need to act quickly. First try to wipe the stain with a clean towel. When you lightly dry the fabric, sprinkle the stain with potato starch or baking soda. Leave the shoes on all night and start working again in the morning with a suede brush. 

Are you dealing with a dried-up stain or minor scratches? Try to use a special rubber to clean suede. Some brushes for the care of this material are equipped with it. An alternative solution is to use a school eraser. Whichever tool you choose, remember that this delicate material requires gentle handling. Rub it not very vigorously in only one direction.

There are unsightly stains of salt or water on your suede shoes and you can't get rid of them for any treasures? Fortunately, there are ways you won't have to part with your favorite pair of shoes. All you need is vinegar and a clean towel. Put a little vinegar on the towel and rub the cloth until the stain is gone. Then brush your shoes. See how easy it is?

Store suede shoes properly

Regular care of suede shoes is just as important as proper storage. Remember not to expose such shoes to direct sunlight under any circumstances. This way, you can do more harm than good by causing your material to fade. Basically, suede is not very fond of heat sources. Avoid leaving such shoes near warm radiators.

If you're not going to wear your suede shoes for a while, don't put them directly in your closet. It will be better if you put them in a shoe box or cloth bag. This way you will protect them from dust and moisture. However, remember not to pack these shoes in a plastic bag. Better choose a linen or linen bag. Alternatively, you can use an old pillowcase.

As you can see, suede shoes can be practical. You probably already have most of the tools necessary for their care at home. Well-groomed suede shoes will quickly repay you with a perfect look and will serve you for many years.