How do you get used to walking in high heels?

Everyday, you focus on comfort and wear flat shoes, but the opportunity is approaching when you can not do without high heels, wedges or heels? You know that walking in high shoes is not your strong point - you stagger, your legs hurt and instead of thinking about the event, you only dream about dressing them up as comfortable? In that case, read our guide, in which we suggest how to get used to walking in high heels!

Step one - choose comfortable high heels

High slippers will certainly present themselves beautifully, but maybe they will not be the best choice if you do not have experience in walking with high heels. Instead of varnished and unstable models, put on the most comfortable high heels. We recommend choosing a variant that will be comfortable for you - both in terms of height, material and style. Pumps made of grain leather will be the best decision. This one adapts perfectly to your foot, which guarantees comfort while wearing it. They'll be perfect to start with Espinto pumps, black H. However, if you do not like their aesthetics and prefer a more modern model, you may like it Espinto gold pumps 889 on a yellow heel, and if the opportunity you are preparing for is your wedding - they will be perfect Espinto pearl pumps on a white heel.

Step two - gradually increase the height of the heel

Don't go for a very tall and thin pin. Such a heel can quickly discourage you, because you will not feel confident and stable on it. Instead, choose a slightly lower variant with a correspondingly thick heel, and then gradually increase it. They will be the first to pass the exam, e.g. Goodin pumps with a decorative red beltthat have a 4 cm stiletto heel. If you already get used to walking in them, choose a higher, e.g. 8 cm Houndstooth seastar pumps or elegant VINCEZA black pumps with an additional strap that stabilizes the ankle and holds the shoe on the leg well. Once you master the art of walking in high heels, subsequent models can be on a high heel - e.g. navy blue suede pumps.

Step three - practice makes perfect

If you want to get used to walking in high heels because an important opportunity is approaching, do not leave learning to walk for later. Choose comfortable shoes and start walking around the house in them. At the beginning a few dozen minutes, and with time increase this time and the distance covered. We recommend taking a walk around the estate or putting on high heels for work or meeting friends. The more often you wear them, the greater the chance that wearing them will cease to be problematic and troublesome for you. As we mentioned before, increase your heel gradually. And when the event you are preparing for comes - test your shoes in which you want to appear. When you plan to dance in them all night or travel long distances, you need to be sure that they will pass the exam.

Step four - work on your attitude

Practicing walking with heels is extremely useful, but you must remember some advice - it is extremely important to maintain the correct posture. Don't you slouch every day? Excellently! Unfortunately, often ladies who put on shoes with higher heels forget about the correct posture and instinctively lean forward to maintain balance. This not only looks bad, but also makes your spine take an unnatural position and your joints are improperly loaded. So at the beginning of learning to walk with heels, remember to pull your shoulders, lift your head up, flex your abdominal muscles and keep your spine straight. Over time, maintaining this attitude will become a habit!

Step five - don't be discouraged!

Learning to walk on heels can put you off - especially when you haven't worn high shoes before. This position of the foot causes calf tension and forces you to maintain balance. Remember, however, that practice makes perfect. If you don't get discouraged, you will get used to this attitude and over time it will be neutral for you. The more workouts you undergo, the greater the chance that walking with heels will get into your blood. Maybe in a few weeks you will move in stilettos like a Hollywood star? Good luck!

We hope that our advice proves to be effective. Remember to choose comfortable shoes - we recommend checking out the offer of the store. We are convinced that you will find the right model there that will help you get used to walking in high heels!