How and with what to clean the white sole in shoes?

Remains of mud, green stains from grass, and even sunlight, make the soles of the shoes lose their original, snow-white color. Find out how to properly care for white-soled shoes to avoid premature wear and tear. Below you will find some great tips on how to clean the white sole.

White shoes look extremely effective, perfectly complementing any stylization. Despite their chic and elegant appearance, they have one drawback that often prevents us from shopping. The problem is, of course, unsightly dirt, which is particularly visible on white shoes, and the element that gets dirty very quickly are white soles. Learn about reliable ways to keep the white sole of your shoes clean!

White sole - proper care and prevention

The most important rule when owning white shoes is regular and thorough care, as well as proper impregnation. The main reason is that old stains and neglected dirt are much harder to remove, so the effects of our work will be much less visible. In the case of light-colored shoes, prevention is the key.

Before you put on your shoes for the first time, use the appropriate impregnation, which will create an invisible coating that prevents dirt from accumulating and penetrating into the material.

Also, try to regularly remove leftover mud, grass and other dirt accumulating on your shoes during your stay outside. When you return home, wipe the white soles with a damp cloth or a soft-bristled brush. This action will keep your favorite shoes looking perfect for a long time!

Remember that the off-season storage of shoes is also of great importance and should take place in appropriate conditions for this purpose. Before storing shoes in the wardrobe, clean them thoroughly and impregnate them, thanks to which dirt will not be able to penetrate the material, and the shoes will be properly prepared for the new season. A cardboard box will be perfect for storing footwear, which will additionally protect the shoes from dust settling on them.

Professional preparations for cleaning the white sole

If, despite regular and thorough care of your shoes, the white soles have acquired an ugly, dark or yellow shade, it is worth reaching for professional products that you can find in the store.

It is the safest and easiest way to get rid of dirt that has already penetrated even into hard-to-reach places. In shoe stores, you can easily find various types of liquids, pastes, lotions and bleaches, which, thanks to carefully selected ingredients, will help you get rid of dirt from the white sole. What's more, they will also be gentle on the material from which it is made.

By using the preparations in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations, you do not have to worry about accidental damage to your shoes. A professional preparation will remove unsightly discoloration from the sole without damaging its structure, thanks to which the shoes will look great for a much longer time.

Cleaning the white sole - home remedies

You don't want to spend extra money on whitening preparations available in stores? We have some tips for you on how to safely clean white soles using home remedies.

  • Soapy water solution

    This is definitely the easiest, but also safe way to get rid of dirt from your shoes. Just wipe the white soles thoroughly with a cotton cloth dipped in a solution of soapy water. Then dry the shoes and let them dry completely.

  • Toothpaste

    Apply a small amount of the mild toothpaste on a damp cloth, and then wipe the sole of the shoe with circular and quite vigorous movements (be careful not to let the toothpaste on the material above the sole). Get rid of the paste residue by wiping it with only water.

  • Health and safety paste

    Scrub the sole with a little toothpaste and a fine bristled toothbrush. This way you can safely restore the whiteness of rubber elements.

Cleaning the white sole requires regularity and patience, but with a little perseverance you can enjoy the pristine whiteness of your shoes for a long time. Both professional preparations that can be found in shoe stores and irreplaceable home remedies will help in this. Which method will you choose?