How and how to remove salt from shoes?

Sodium chloride, i.e. the popular road salt sprinkled on pavements in winter, is primarily intended to ensure the safety of pedestrians. Although it plays an extremely important role, it also has a negative impact on the appearance of our winter footwear. How to protect shoes against salt ingress? How and how to remove salt from shoes?

Unaesthetic white stains and water stains take away the charm of your shoes, and salt penetrating the fabric can damage them, discolor and even peel them off.

The most important thing is to react quickly to dirt. Postponing beauty treatments may only aggravate the problem, so act immediately after returning home. You should also remember to clean your shoes regularly, and the care method should be selected according to the type of material they are made of.

Below you will find some practical tips on how to remove salt from shoes to prevent them from deteriorating too quickly.

Adequate impregnation

When buying new shoes, it is worth choosing the right impregnation for them. We often skip this step, but in this case saving is inadvisable. The use of the impregnation before the first application and regular application during use (especially in the autumn and winter period) will effectively protect the material against external factors, dirt, moisture and salt that penetrates deep into the fibers. After the impregnation has dried, it is recommended to polish and then polish the shoes to give them extra protection.

A home replacement for oily preparations available in stores is petroleum jelly or a very greasy cream, which also prevent salt penetration. It will also be irreplaceable goodand pastand for shoes with the addition of fluoride, preferably based on beeswax.

How to remove salt from shoes - professional cleaners

The professional agents available in shoe stores are the most effective when cleaning our shoes from salt stains. When choosing a preparation, however, it is worth paying attention to whether it is a universal agent or intended for a given type of skin or material.

This is extremely important because an improperly selected preparation can damage shoes. So before use, it is worth testing it on a small, hardly visible surface.

Home remedies for salt stains on shoes

There are several proven methods that will make your daily shoe care easier. To carry out it, you only need products that you will surely find in your home, thanks to which you will save some money! How to remove salt from shoes?

Water with vinegar

Prepare a solution consisting of a glass of warm water and a tablespoon of vinegar. Then use a soft cloth to gently rub the stains. Vinegar is a cleaning agent and a natural disinfectant, thanks to which you can safely get rid of white stains from shoes.

Soapy water

In this case, you also need to make a solution consisting of a glass of warm water and 10 drops of dishwashing liquid. After rubbing the shoes with a cloth, leave them to dry completely.


Caution. To maintain the shape and natural look of your shoes, stuff the inside with newspapers while drying them, then place them in a warm, airy place. Avoid direct exposure to strong heat and sunlight.

Lemon on white salt stains

You can apply it directly by rubbing a lemon slice on the surface of the shoe or mix water with lemon juice in a 1: 1 ratio. When using the lemon option, we recommend applying it on a slightly visible surface to ensure that the material does not discolor.

Warm milk

Wipe your shoes with a cloth soaked in milk. Repeat the procedure until the stain is gone, then clean your shoes using only water to get rid of any milk residue. When the shoes are clean, remember to use an appropriate impregnation to protect the surface of the shoe.

The crust of the bread

Bread for a few days (but not stale), thanks to its absorbent properties, will perfectly absorb the salt deposited on the shoes. To get rid of your favorite shoes, it is enough to rub the stained area with the inside of the bread. It is the least invasive method and it will certainly be safe for most shoes.

Proper care adjusted to the raw material, regular cleaning and impregnation of the shoes will keep their natural shape and aesthetic appearance. Properly carried out treatments largely protect shoes against the damaging effects of road salt. You no longer have to wonder how to remove salt from your shoes. Our tips will surely help you keep your shoes in perfect condition for a long time.