Holidays are fast approaching. We advise what shoes should be packed

When packing a suitcase for vacation, you should follow a few simple rules to feel comfortable no matter where you are. The right shoes are just as important as sunglasses and sunscreen. After all, you don't want to spend your entire vacation complaining about chafing or blisters. We suggest what footwear should be in your suitcase.

The rule of the magic three

Three - as many pairs of shoes should be enough for your vacation. It seems impossible to you? Let us lead you out of the mistake! By following the rule of the magic three, surely no pair of shoes will remain at the bottom of your suitcase, creating unnecessary ballast. When planning your vacation shoe selection, make sure that all three pairs are versatile enough to fit your wardrobe. It is even more important that at least two of them are really comfortable.

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When choosing shoes for a vacation, it is very important to adapt them to the planned activity. Are you planning a few hours' tour of the historic city or mountain climbing? New, high heels are unlikely to be your ally. Are you planning sunbathing on the beach? Closed boots are the last thing you need.

Just pay close attention to functionality. When going on vacation, it is much more important than fashion. After all, the last thing you need is abrasions and blisters preventing you from going through with your plans. Choose shoes that are comfortable, light and versatile. Get to know our suggestions!

Beach holiday

Are you going to the seaside? Bet on freedom. Pack shoes that you can wear successfully for the beach, for a walk, and for dinner at the restaurant. We advise which footwear will work best.

  1. Comfortable sandals

For her: Black women's sandals made of ecological leather this must-have for every holiday by the sea. The non-slip sole will ensure your safety, and the soft insole will ensure real comfort. This type of shoes will perfectly match both dresses and shorts as well as airy linen trousers. 

For him: Men's waterproof sandals with a clasp They are very practical, thanks to which they will be perfect for every man who cares about his comfort and stylish appearance. The insole made of flexible foam will provide you with real comfort. 

  1. A pair of universal, flat shoes

For her: Comfortable, beige suede sneakers It's a bull's eye for walks on the pier and more. A high sole combined with a neutral shade will optically extend your legs.

For him: Classic, black Vansy is an excellent choice for longer walks. The breathable material of the upper will prevent your feet from sweating, and the universal design will allow you to combine them with jeans and an unbuttoned checked shirt, making you look gorgeous even on a date.

  1. Shoes for the evening

For her: Pumps on the post they will prove useful not only in the evening. The average height of the heel and the ankle strap will provide you with stability and comfort, and the shoe in a universal shade of navy blue will suit practically any evening styling.

For him: Leather formal shoes will work if you want to surprise your significant other and take them to an exclusive restaurant for an exquisite dinner. Natural material will effectively prevent your feet from sweating and guarantee you incomparable comfort.

Holidays in the mountains

Hiking in the mountains requires properly adjusted footwear. Choose waterproof trekking shoes with a stiff sole that will give you stability and support on uneven mountain terrain. Remember, however, that in addition to walking along the trails, you will be doing other activities. For this reason, you will need comfortable sandals and sneakers. Get to know our types.

  1. Trekking shoes

For her: Beige trekking sneakers on a high trapper sole will provide you with comfort even during the longest mountain hikes, while emphasizing your original sense of aesthetics.

For him: Sports trekking shoes made of waterproof leather is a guarantee of successful mountain hiking regardless of the weather.

  1. Comfortable sandals

For her: Comfortable leather sports sandals this must-haveif you are planning a trip to the mountains. The shoes have a comfortable Velcro closure, and the neutral, beige color will make it easy to match them to any styling. 

For him: Soft and comfortable, branded sandals they will make you look and feel great in any situation.

  1. Casual sneakers

For her: Cute high-soled sneakers is a guarantee of an original appearance. Thanks to them, you will optically lengthen your legs. The light gray color will suit practically everything.

For him: Classic ankle-high sneakers it is an exquisite complement to any styling. They will provide you with comfort regardless of your plans.

As you can see, choosing the right footwear for holidays is child's play. By sticking to a few basic rules, you will ensure comfort and style no matter where you go.