Everything you need to know to choose the perfect gym shoes

Are you planning to start going to the gym in the new year? In addition to buying a ski pass, it is equally important to buy the right footwear. It is it that will make exercise and training a real pleasure for you, and the risk of injury will significantly decrease. However, you don't know which shoes are best for weightlifting and which ones will be better for zumba? In our guide, we have collected all the most important information that will help you make your choice.

In a healthy body, healthy mind!

Do you plan to train regularly at the gym from the new year? Great idea! After all, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body!

In addition to buying a pass, it is equally important to buy the right footwear, thanks to which exercise will become a real pleasure, and the risk of injury will significantly decrease. However, you do not know which aspects to pay attention to when buying gym and fitness shoes? In our guide, we have collected the most important information on this subject. Let's start!

Why is it worth investing in decent gym shoes?

It's decent shoes must-haves, if you plan to train regularly in the gym.

Firstly, they will reduce the feeling of tired feet, thanks to which they will allow you to increase efficiency during exercise and get the best results. Secondly, they will significantly reduce the risk of injury. Thirdly, the money spent on decent footwear will be a large dose of motivation when you feel that you would like to let go.

Now that you know why you need good quality gym shoes, it's time to focus on the features that should make them stand out. To help you make the right choice, we've summarized them all in this article.

Take care of the perfect fit

When choosing shoes for the gym, it is worth matching them both to the anatomy of your feet and to the planned activities. In this way, you will easily find a pair in which going to training will not be a chore, but will become a regular pleasure. 

Avoid too tight shoes. Otherwise, you'll limit your range of motion and make exercise a real chore. What's more, you'll get painful blisters that will make you want to move. On the other hand, you also have to watch out for loose shoes, from which your heel will slide out with every move. In this way, you can increase the risk of unpleasant injuries that will exclude you from the game for a long time. 

Fortunately, most manufacturers of sports shoes offer the so-called. half sizes, so choosing the perfect pair should not be a big challenge.

In addition to the perfect fit of the size, make sure that your footwear is suitable for specific types of activities. Details can be found below.

What treadmill shoes?

Regularly walking or running on a treadmill strengthens your muscles and bones and improves your stamina and fitness. Unlike running on asphalt, it puts less strain on your knees and hips, and allows you to train regardless of the weather.

When choosing your treadmill shoes, look for models with cushioning technology in both the rear and forefoot. In this way, shocks will be effectively absorbed, and you will easily cover the next kilometers.

Which weightlifting shoes?

Strength training is often chosen by men who care about a muscular figure and better efficiency. Nevertheless, weights are equally willingly lifted by women who want to develop muscle tissue in the buttocks area and improve the overall appearance of their figure.

If the weight bench will be your most frequented place in the gym, be sure to make sure that you feel stable. Choose shoes with non-slip soles and hard soles. This will make it much easier for you to maintain weights and get the results you want.

What shoes for interval training?

Short high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is very popular. No wonder! In a short time, they allow you to get in better shape and get rid of unwanted fat, while increasing muscle mass.

If you care about getting the best possible results, make sure that you are accompanied by properly selected shoes. Footwear for interval training should be light, and at the same time stable enough to easily absorb all impacts. Pay attention to the correct stabilization of the foot, which will provide you with lateral support. The profile of HIIT training shoes should be relatively low, albeit strong.

What Zumba Shoes?

Zumba is a specific dance training, during which you can get rid of unwanted kilos in a pleasant way. These exercises make cellulite noticeably disappear and the body becomes firmer. In addition to improving the figure, you can notice an improvement in well-being. Such vigorous exercise releases the hormones of happiness and makes you gain a lot of energy to act.

If you're looking for Zumba shoes, aim for models that won't limit your agility. Choose lightweight shoes with a flexible sole without anti-slip inserts. Thanks to this, you will be able to perform even the craziest figures without any problems.