Enjoy comfortable shoes thanks to a properly fitted upper

The upper, although it seems to be only a visual aspect, has a huge impact on the overall comfort of using the shoes. Its height and circumference are especially important for people with high arches and tighter calves. If you order shoes online, in addition to the obvious aspects, such as the length of the insole, also consider the features of the upper. We advise you on how to adjust it to enjoy comfortable shoes.

What exactly is the upper and what is it for?

The mysterious-sounding upper is nothing but the part of the shoe that keeps your foot partially or completely covered.

In other words, the upper consists of all the parts of the shoe that are above the sole, covering your toes, the back of the heel and the top and sides of the foot. In the case of boots, the upper also covers the ankle, and in boots - the calf and even part of the thigh.

The task of the upper of the shoes is to provide your foot with a stable connection with the sole, both while walking and standing. A good-quality upper can adapt to the shape of the foot enough to provide you with real comfort during use.

What are the functions of the upper?

In order to be able to fully fulfill this task, the upper of the shoes consists of several parts that perform important functions. Meet the most important of them.

The material covering the sides and back of the foot allows you to maintain the appropriate shape of the shoe. In the heel area, additional reinforcement is often used, which provides invaluable support for the foot and guarantees a longer life of the shoes.

There is an element on the top of the foot that supports the foot and allows you to walk confidently. To make this part of the upper, many manufacturers use permeable materials that ensure adequate air flow within the foot.

In some shoes you will also find a tongue that - together with the laces - allows you to customize the shoe to the size of your foot. The upper of the shoe may also consist of a toe cap to protect your toes.

Who should pay attention to the circumference and height of the upper?

Since you already know what an upper is and what functions it performs, it is worth discussing cases where its circumference and height are extremely important. In professional, online shoe stores, this information will certainly be made available on the product page.

If you are struggling with high raise, pay attention to the height of the upper. In this way, you can be sure that the ordered shoes will not crush the top part of your foot, and you will comfortably reach your destination.

For women with tighter calves the circumference of the upper will turn out to be a valuable news, thanks to which they will avoid ordering too tight boots. In the case of these shoes, you can come across several dimensions of the upper circumference. These are:

  • the circumference of the ankle
  • calf upper circumference
  • the circumference of the upper in the upper part of the shoe 

Make sure all dimensions will suit you and enjoy the comfortable shoes you deserve.

How to measure the height and circumference of an upper?

You only need a tailor's centimeter to measure the dimensions of the upper. We advise on how to check the height and circumference of the upper.

Just to make sure that upper height will suit you, check the length from the beginning of the sole of your foot to the desired location.

However, to check if the given data is suitable for you the circumference of the upper, measure the circumference of your leg around the ankle and, for longer shoes, the calf. If you want your boots not to pinch the upper leg, add a centimeter or two to give yourself extra space.

If you want to be extra sure that the dimensions of the upper will be right for you, you will need a pair of your favorite, comfortable shoes. Without putting them on your legs, measure the length from the beginning of the heel to the end of the upper and the circumference at the widest point. 

By following these tips, you can be sure that your shoes will look good and you will feel at ease in them.

What is the upper made of and how is it attached to the shoe?

Basically, a variety of materials are used to make the upper. Natural and ecological leather is the most popular, while on warmer days many people choose textile and synthetic materials, as well as various types of suede, such as nubuck or velor.

Regardless of what material the upper is made of, it is connected to the sole by means of seams or glue. Each of these solutions has its pros and cons, which we have briefly discussed.

Sewn shoes will certainly serve you for many years, but their price can be much higher than in the case of glued shoes. It is worth remembering that due to the higher durability of this footwear, these costs will pay off quickly. 

Glued-on shoes are a cheaper option, which, unfortunately, can disintegrate over time. Their negative impact on the natural environment is also important.

Regardless of whether you choose sewn or glued footwear, you must remember about the importance of the upper, not only for visual reasons, but also because of its huge impact on the comfort of using the footwear.