Discover proven ways to make shoes that are too tight

The right choice of footwear is important not only for the occasion, but also for your health. Too tight shoes, no matter how chic they look, can do more harm than good. Poorly fitted footwear can cause many unpleasant and troublesome diseases. Find out how to prevent them and what to do to make shoes that are too tight and fit better.

More harm than good

Too tight shoes, even the most stylish and unique ones, can do more harm than good. Find out about the most common problems associated with tight shoes and how to prevent them. 

One of the most troublesome problems caused by tight shoes are blisters. They occur as a result of the foot rubbing against the inside of the shoe. Blisters often appear when you first wear a new pair of shoes. Therefore, do not forget to separate your shoes before showing them to the world for the first time. Spend a few days wearing cumbersome footwear during your daily household chores. It's best if you are patient and wear them for about an hour each day. When you feel your shoes are pinching you hard, wear thick wool socks. Thanks to this, the shoes will separate even faster. Also, avoid wearing new shoes for the day. Instead, wear them gradually, making sure it fits properly to your foot. This way you will certainly prevent blisters from forming.

Another problem with tight shoes is ingrown toenails. In such shoes, the nail has too little space and begins to grow into the skin surrounding the bed around it. As a result, you struggle with nail inflammation and tenderness. To prevent this from happening, be sure to keep your nails short and follow our proven ways to make shoes that are too tight.

Many women who choose to wear too tight heels with a narrow toe have a problem with bunions. This unsightly deformity of the foot appears in the area of ​​the first toe and can be really painful and is treated with surgery. Fortunately, we know effective methods for tight shoes that will help you avoid this disease.

Get up to one size

For tight shoes that you can no longer return to the store, they can make you sleepless. Fortunately, you don't have to put them up for auction or give them to your friend. We know effective methods that will allow you to stretch your shoes up to one size. To work!

Dry your hair instead of… shoes!

The same tool that you use to dry your hair can do wonders with leather shoes that are too tight. Put on as many pairs of socks as you can and start the dryer. Bend your feet and wiggle your toes, directing a stream of warm air to the tightest spaces. Remember that the dryer should be kept in motion so as not to burn your skin. Do not take your shoes off until they cool down and enjoy real comfort! We recommend the use of a shoe care agent that will prevent possible cracks on the surface of the shoe. Warning! This method is not recommended for glued shoes - adhesive bonds may be weakened.

Freeze the water balloon

On the surface, freezing the balloon seems to be a ridiculous idea. According to Murphy's law, however, it brings amazing results. Pour water into the balloon, tie it up and slip it near the tightest part of the shoe. Put the shoe in the freezer and wait for the freezing water to expand and expand your shoe at the same time. Instead of a balloon, you can use a regular bag filled with water. However, make sure that it is not leaking. Otherwise, the footwear could be damaged. After taking the boots out of the freezer, leave them at room temperature for about 20 - 30 minutes. After that time, get rid of the balloons and try on the shoes. Repeat the process if necessary.

Use wet newspapers

Moistened newspapers are also useful to stretch the shoes. Just crush them and put as much in your shoes as you can. However, be careful not to overdo it, so that the footwear does not get deformed. Allow the newspapers to dry and try the shoes on again. This way, they will become more flexible and stretchable. You can successfully replace newspapers with moist socks rolled into balls.

Use alcohol

If you have a problem with tight shoes, you will need a little alcohol and not to drown your sorrows ;-) Mix the alcohol with water in a 1: 1 ratio and rub it directly into the parts of the shoe that are pressing you. Quickly put them on your feet and wear them until the alcohol is dry. If you are not only pinched by individual pieces of footwear, but as a whole it is too tight, you can moisten a pair of cotton socks in the prepared solution. Remember to squeeze them well before putting them on. Wear socks with tight shoes until the alcohol is completely dry.

Regardless of whether the shoes are too tight in length or width, we believe that our methods will effectively help you deal with this problem. By using the described methods, your toes and heels will gain additional space, and your feet will repay you with excellent condition. You have nothing to lose!