If any parents have problems with getting their children to wear rubber boots, they should definitely choose Demar shoes for them. These wellies all wear kids without special encouragement, because their unusual appearance fully satisfies their aesthetic expectations. Fairy characters add variety and cheer up the miserable days, such footwear should be in the wardrobe of every dozen or so.

Well thought out solutions

At the same time, however, many parents are afraid that wearing wellingtons will protect their children from soaking their feet, but not from the cold. In the case of the Demar brand proposal, you do not have to be afraid of it, because its wellies have a perfect solution, which is to finish them with a sweater puller. As a result, the shoes are not only resistant to sogging, but also very warm and comfortable to wear, which will appreciate all kids. Such qualities make the shoes an excellent choice for cold and mild days, which in the Polish climate is not lacking, not only in autumn, but also in winter.