Comfortable sandals for a pilgrimage. What pilgrimage shoes?

Walking pilgrimages are exhausting activity. How to prepare for such a demanding march? The key is to choose the right footwear. Are pilgrimage sandals a good choice? Yes, provided that they meet numerous criteria that will translate into your comfort during the hike. What should be comfortable sandals for a pilgrimage? Here are some tips.

Why are pilgrimage sandals a good choice?

Shoes are a very important part of the equipment of every traveler. It is the type of footwear that determines your comfort, convenience, and often also - the completion of a long walk. The choice is not easy and largely depends on the difficulty of the route itself, the topography, and individual preferences.

There are many factors to consider when planning long hikes. The first thought when it comes to pilgrimage shoes are trekking shoes, with a raised upper that safely supports the foot. The built-in models, however, have several disadvantages. First, you must be careful not to get them wet. Secondly, they are heavy, which can affect the condition of your feet after many hours of walking. Thirdly, they will not work during the evening rest, when the only thing you dream about after a day's walk is to throw off your heavy shoes and relax.

Why sandals for pilgrimage is a good choice? There are many advantages, but the most important one is that they combine the most desirable features of footwear intended for long and demanding hikes with versatility, comfort and functionality. No matter how long and difficult the trail you have to go - good, sporty pilgrimage sandals will keep your feet in good shape.

Sandals for a pilgrimage - the most important advantages

Apart from the comfort, sandals have a number of benefits that you will surely appreciate during the pilgrimage and every long walk.

There are many factors in their favor:

  • Sandals prevent chafing, even in warm climates.

  • They are breathable, so your feet stay dry.

  • They are not afraid of puddles, streams or heavy rain.

  • Adjustable straps allow a perfect fit to the size of the foot.

  • The profiled sole ensures a safe hike and reduces pain in the feet.

  • They are light and will easily fit into any backpack.

  • They are irreplaceable during rest, as well as in the evening toilets in shelters, camps or motels.

It is also worth mentioning that sandals are footwear that can be easily removed, so they will prove themselves during short breaks during the trek and other situations requiring quick removal and putting on shoes. You will surely appreciate this fact during exotic wanderings and the desire to visit places of religious worship that require bare feet of pilgrims.

How to choose the right sandals for a pilgrimage?

Sandals for a pilgrimage should meet certain characteristics. It is one of the types of footwear that should be selected based on specific parameters. The visual factors are a secondary issue, although these are also important, especially for the fair sex.

So how do you choose the right sandals for your pilgrimage? What features do you need to pay attention to?

The material from which they were made

Although the most frequently recommended material is natural leather, in the case of sandals intended for long hikes, this material will not work for several reasons.

The most important of them is low resistance to moisture. The regular exposure of footwear to contact with water may affect their durability, which means that they will deteriorate in a fairly short time.

During long pilgrimages, you need to prepare for unexpected weather conditions. Rain is quite a frequent companion of travelers, so durable and moisture-resistant models such as rubber sole and synthetic cover a place that is in constant contact with the foot. Moreover, this solution will ensure that the foot will not slip in the shoe, even after submerging the shoe in a puddle or while walking in the rain.

Adjustable straps and clasp type

When browsing the offers of shoe stores, pay attention to whether the model has adjustable straps. This seemingly trivial issue can largely outweigh the subsequent use, which in the case of pilgrimage sandals is extremely intense. Adjustable straps made of resistant materials, such as nylon, will significantly affect the comfort during a long walk. In addition, the straps should be firmly attached to the shoe, thus avoiding the unfortunate tearing of them from the sole.

Another issue is the type of clasp. In the case of sandals, the Velcro fastener is the most convenient, it allows easy adjustment and is also extremely durable.

Sole in sandals for pilgrimage

A well-profiled sole, made of appropriate materials, is the basis of any type of footwear, but in the case of pilgrimage sandals, it is of paramount importance.

Experienced travelers recommend stable and abrasion-resistant soles, made of thermoplastic rubber, which provides excellent cushioning and adhesion to the ground. A quite common solution among manufacturers is the use of EVA foam for production, which is characterized by high resistance to changing conditions, reduction of shocks and skilful adaptation to the requirements of a given surface.
The sole must also be properly profiled, thanks to which it will effectively hold the metatarsal area, as well as special grooves for the toes.

Comfortable shoes are a key attribute of any traveler, so they should be well thought out. We are convinced that the above tips will greatly facilitate the purchase of the appropriate ones sandals for pilgrimage. It remains for us to wish you an unforgettable experience and a happy journey!