Choosing wedding shoes is easier than you think

Wedding preparations can be exhausting. Choosing the most beautiful wedding dress and a perfectly fitted suit is not the only task that requires special attention. The selection of wedding shoes is equally important. This is where you will dance the night away after one of the most important days of your life. Find out what mistakes to avoid and what to look for.

Why are wedding shoes so important?

Wedding shoes are - right after the dress and suit - the most important element of the newlyweds' wardrobe. It is in them that the bride will approach her chosen one of her heart to say one of the most important "yes" in her life. It is in the wedding shoes that the groom will ask his beloved to dance for the first time. It is this pair of shoes that will allow them to dance together all night long, having fun until dawn.

We realize that buying a wedding dress or a suit and shoes in one store is practically almost a miracle. For this reason, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the wedding shoes you choose are a harmonious complement to your outfit in practically every respect. Style, color and decoration are all that matters.

When choosing wedding shoes, you need to pay attention to several important aspects. First, they must be really comfortable and never rub your feet. Secondly, they should match the rest of the outfit or be a unique accessory that will reflect your characteristic style. Find out what else to consider when choosing your wedding shoes.

Define your style

Start preparations for creating a wedding styling by defining the theme. Do you prefer rustic solutions in the boho style, or maybe exclusive glamor is closer to your heart? Based on your preferences, try to make the whole thing really thoughtful and harmonious.  

A long, lace dress in a rustic style will be perfect for classic, brown high heels made of leather. For men, however, we suggest dark brown leather shoes with trendy retro decorations.

In turn, for a glamor-style wedding, they will perfectly match pumps on a high heel in champagne, rose gold color. Their perfect complement will be subdued, men's black shoes made of breathable natural leather.

Don't be afraid to go outside the box

Many people associate a wedding with white, shades of ivory, powder pink or pale blue. However, who said that wedding shoes must necessarily be in subdued colors?

Although a young couple who value tradition will surely choose classic shades, if you like to play with fashion every day, don't be afraid to take a risk on this special day. Treat the shade of shoes as an accessory that will diversify your styling. In terms of color, it can correspond to the theme of your choice, be a response to a reference to tradition ("something blue") or attract the eyes of all guests and sparkle with metallic shades.

A slightly less popular solution is to make a less obvious choice. How about matching sneakers in the same color for the bride and groom? In this way, you will surely be remembered by all guests for a long time.

Make convenience a priority

Whichever style you prefer, remember that comfort is key. Wedding shoes have an extremely important role to play and will accompany you for about 15 of the most important hours of your life.

When buying wedding shoes in an online store, do it in advance. This way, you will be able to exchange them for other ones. Also, be sure to test them thoroughly. Walk in them on a clean carpet for several hours, spending a lot of time standing. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the pair of shoes you choose will not ruin one of the most important days in your life.

Pay attention to the height of the heel

The height of the heel is just as important as the look of the shoe. If you do not wear exorbitantly high heels on a daily basis, be aware that this solution is unlikely to prove to be your ally on this special day. You certainly want to avoid limping or weird, unnatural gait.

Pay special attention to where the ceremony will take place. This way you will avoid mishaps, such as high heels, in which it will be difficult for you to move on the beach or grass. If you are organizing a party in a closed banquet hall, your choice is practically unlimited. However, if you are planning an outdoor party, put your comfort first.

Tip: Shorter men can optically add height to themselves by choosing shoes with a hidden heel. Formal shoes with an invisible, built-in heel about 4 cm high and an additional external heel can make you almost 7 cm tall.

Don't wait until the last minute

Your wedding shoes are an extremely important accessory that will give shine to the entire styling. If you want to feel beautiful and comfortable on this special day, do not wait until the last minute to buy them.

An extremely practical solution will be when you take the shoes of your choice to try on a dress or a suit. This way you will make sure that everything fits together perfectly and creates a harmonious end result.