Children's slippers

Toddlers love to run barefoot and explore the world that way. It is a great source of stimuli and sensory impressions.

Various textures, bumps, rough or slightly slippery surfaces ... However, not every room has a warm enough floor. Running on cold tiles is unpleasant and can contribute to a cold bladder. Warm, aesthetic slippers for children will be perfect at home, during guest visits, going on holiday or just when the feet are simply too cold.

Which slippers for children should you choose?

First, let's answer the question whether we need to buy home shoes or one for the child to spend time in a kindergarten or nursery? If we are looking for home slippers, we have a slightly simpler task. We do not have to meet the requirements of the facility - we adjust the purchase only to our own requirements.

Let's pay attention to the material from which children's slippers are made. Footwear should be as breathable as possible. At home, it is warm and fully comfortable, so no warming and too thick material of the upper are out of the question.

Children's slippers must not deviate from the norms of prophylaxis of healthy feet. When buying shoes, we take care of every parameter. We should behave in the same way when buying home shoes. Slippers should have a flexible but close to the heel, a soft sole that bends in 1/3 of its length, adequate space for the toes, and therefore rounded wide toes, and above all, they should not allow the feet to twist. Let's also look at whether the cut. Slippers for children will be a convenient solution. Velcro fastening will make it easier to put on, especially for little ones.

Older schoolchildren can also wear flip-flops, but let's check if they are properly contoured and do not cause the heels to run out to the sides or unnaturally throw their legs while walking.

Traditional or orthopedic

Unless a specialist doctor recommends wearing corrective shoes, do not buy them preventively and on your own. A child's foot must not be restricted and stiffened, as this will prevent it from training in a natural gait. In addition, too hard slippers for children may restrict their movements in spontaneous play. They will just be uncomfortable. Let's not choose too high an upper. Let's pay attention to the profiled insert and the material it was made of. Home slippers for a child must be breathable and gentle to the skin so as not to cause irritation and itching.

Let's pay attention to the colors and design. The little ones like everything that stands out. Multicolored and charming little slippers for children will attract their attention and will become a favorite piece of clothing. During visits to their peers or grandparents, they will be an interesting accent and a stylish addition to the styling.

When a child is running around in socks, dirt and lint can be seen on them after just a few minutes. In slippers, however, you can always wipe the soles. In winter, they are a great source of warmth for the feet, especially after long and hiking or sledding madness.

What children's slippers for older children?

When we want to buy slippers for a boy and a girl of school age, we can allow ourselves a little more freedom in choosing the cut. Properly shaped feet are not so demanding anymore, but remember not to be fooled by the routine and take care of healthy home footwear. Let's check the materials from which the slippers are made. Properly breathable and soft, they will improve the wearing comfort. Sweaty skin can itch and be very irritated, so let's first of all pay attention to hygiene.

Fashionable and healthy

There are many styles of children's footwear on the market that can meet both aesthetic and quality requirements. Stylish leopards, monochrome patterns, minimalist pastel shades, as well as intense contrasting colors such as navy blue and ocher.

If the child for some reason does not want to wear slippers, and this is not the result of discomfort from uncomfortable shoes, let's look for those that decorate the images of favorite fairy-tale characters or funny drawings. This is how the child expresses his personality. It will present its preferences through its appearance. It is very important and helpful during family shopping. When the child decides about himself, he feels confident.

When buying something for ourselves, we also want to feel good about it. We look at ourselves in the mirror, compare various styles and possibilities. We are looking for the most facial and high-quality solutions. No wonder when the little ones care about the same. Slippers for children can be an important piece of clothing, increasing the comfort of functioning during trips or cold winter evenings. It is an element associated with coziness, home warmth and a place where we feel safe, comfortable and at ease. Since it is possible to combine comfort, convenience, style and at the same time health and high quality - let's make sure that such slippers accompany the child in everyday madness or after bathing, just before going to bed, when you spend time together, under a warm blanket, in a well-known bed, where a moment later a blissful sleep will come after a day of sensations and madness.