Foam rubber boots for children is an offer for everyone who wants their child to wear wellies and does not complain that these types of shoes are heavy.

Boys' foam wellies

In our offer you will find, among others, boys' foam wellies in the most frequently chosen colors and shades: blue, black, green, gray and others, which are chosen by younger boys and a bit of clashes.

Girls' foam wellies

Of course, we also have foam jets for girls. Here, classic colors rule, which most often choose young ladies: pink and purple, but there are also wellington boots in other shades.

Wellingtons are lined with a soft sheepskin, very nice to the touch, which means that immediately after inserting the foot the child feels pleasant warmth and shoes - despite the weather they are indicated for - will be associated from the beginning with something pleasant and pleasant, which will help our children to take a walk even on those days that do not look appealing.