Children's slippers with always practical rubber. High quality products that are comfortable, safe and easy to use. Perfect for a swimming pool, for wading in the water, or walking in the garden without socks, but with a foot-protected stone or insect.

Slippers like crocsy

The offer includes, among others, a massive front, protecting the foot and nails. Thanks to the soft rubber, they are also very light and above all comfortable. A choice of several vivid colors that will appeal to every child.

You can also choose flip-flops with motifs of characters from well-known cartoons or other graphics.

Pool slippers

You will also find pool slippers in a minimalist form. Here you can choose from many colors, but also shapes and profiles. Multi-colored flip-flops can only have a small strap that keeps them in place or a wider, decorated tape.

Girls will surely be happy with the floral accessories that give the flaps an individual character and make them stand out among others.