Slippers - footwear loved by children

The foam slippers are adored by children of all ages. The children gained their sympathy thanks to the variety of available models, ease in putting on and taking off and speed in cleaning. The foam shoes are dedicated to both girls and boys, so each child can choose both fashion and color for himself. The footwear offered by comes only from well-known and respected producers around the world.

Foam slippers - footwear for special tasks

Slippers are the most popular footwear, which works especially at the pool, beach and even in the yard. They are not afraid of water, sand and other dirt. They work great in all conditions, without losing their properties. They protect children's feet from falling on slippery surfaces and against stones, sharp objects or cones on their way to the beaches. Noteworthy are crocuses, which have straps on the back of the footwear. It will allow the child to play freely without worrying about losing the flap.